Clinique Dramatically Different Dupes

I’m still slowly working my way through a bottle of Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. I use less of it these days since I’m having good luck with my Mountain Rose Herbs argan oil, but it’s still a good lightweight moisturizer for those with combination to oily skin. At this point, I don’t think I would repurchase unless I bought it from the CCO at less-than-retail or managed to catch it on a rare sale like Macy’s recent VIP sale.

Generic Price, Perhaps Prestige Quality?

In my internet wanderings, though, I’ve come across TWO Clinique Dramatically Different dupes or generics. Until now, I’ve never seen Clinique Dramatically Different dupes, or any other Clinique dupes for that matter. They are both generics of the lotion version of Dramatically Different.

One, from Sally Beauty’s GVP (Generic Value Products) line:

Clinique Dramatically Different DupesGVP Distinctively Unique Moisturizing Lotion

With a Sally’s card, it’s $9.69 and they frequently offer B1G1 50% off on the GVP line. It only has one review, which is glowing, but still. For less than half the cost of the, “real deal,” I’d probably venture the money and give it a shot if I were in the market.

Two, from Wal-Mart’s Equate line:

Equate Strikingly Unique Moisturizing Lotion

The price on this one varies – on it is marked around $12, but through Wal-Mart Grocery (their pickup service, more on that below), it is marked down to $6.84. Apparently, Wal-Mart’s Equate line has a whole host of generic versions of Clinique products. Realistically, I’d be skeptical – but there are 55 reviews, many from former Dramatically Different users, giving it nearly five stars.

Side Note on Wal-Mart Grocery: I’ve used this service for nearly two months (yes, with my own money) I wholeheartedly recommend it to my friends, family, colleagues, and fellow busy people. They don’t charge for pickup orders, and I save time and the hassle of going in a store (particularly Wal-Mart – I love this service, but I don’t love being IN Wal-Mart. Sorry not sorry).

If that sounds relevant to your interests, you can sign up and save $10 on your first order here. I do get a small referral kickback but do not have an affiliate relationship with Wal-Mart; any Wal-Mart Grocery customer can refer their friends or family in the same way.

I’ve tried neither of the Clinique Dramatically Different Dupes in this post, but was intrigued by seeing generic versions of prestige products.

Is It Risky?

Compared to trying to buy Clinique Amazon or some other random, non-licensed reseller? Not at all.

I’d be more comfortable buying a generic version of a product from an established generic line like Equate or GVP. Even if it ends up being not as high quality a product, it isn’t mislabeled or falsely packaged. Generic house brands or private labels like Equate and GVP are directly tied to the reputation of the retailer that sells them – so even if we aren’t quiiite getting Clinique quality, they aren’t going to offer a comparison product that unsafe. From a business perspective, it doesn’t make sense.

I’m Curious

Would you try either of these Clinique Dramatically Different Dupes or other generic version of popular Prestige products?

November 2015 Favorites

November 2015 FavoritesNovember 2015 Favorites
1. Les Mirages File, $1 / 2. Thera Tears Eye Drops, $9
3. Dr Scholls Paraffin Bath, $40 / 4. Ponds Luminous Finish BB+, $10

Honestly, I haven’t been too focused on my own beauty-related pursuits this month simply because my plate has been relatively full. Keep reading for details on my November 2015 Favorites!

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Sally Beauty Haul – May 2015

It’s been a while since I’ve hauled. I was on a No Buy in April, and was successful. If it’s been a while since I’ve shopped for makeup and hair items, it has been longer since I’ve gotten any nail goodies. Despite my love of polished nails, which existed long before my interest in makeup, I’ve been slacking lately! I’ve just been keeping my nails shaped and tidy, leaving them bare often, being semi-bored with what I did have (listen to my first world problems, waah). I decided I want some more colors, but resolved to wait until Sally Beauty had a BOGO (buy one, get one) free sale.

My patience was rewarded. A couple weeks ago Sally Beauty had a 3-Day BOGO polish (RNP and gel) sale…and I had a 20% off coupon. The hunt began. I originally planned to order online because the two stores nearest me aren’t ultra-convenient, and I don’t really like how crowded the aisles can be AND there’s often only one employee working.

Due to the free ship threshold, I ventured out in person to seek my Sally Beauty Haul. Instant gratification was nice, but waiting 20 minutes for someone to ring me out was not. (Another customer decided to DIY destroycolor her hair for the first time…and instead of doing research, she wanted to play 20 Questions with the employee.)

Anyway, here’s the loot!

Sally Beauty HaulSally Beauty Haul – May 2015

Total? $26 before tax. Yassss. RNP at regular price wouldn’t be that cheap!

That’s well over $70 of stuff – and I got some tools (that were super cheap, <$1 each).

I don’t get crazy with my makeup, but I do get crazy with my nails. I slapped on ORLY GelFX Melt Your Popsicle right away and am liking it a lot – I really wanted an orange (now I just need a true, non-fluorescent/highlighter yellow). With this Sally Beauty Ha, I’m pretty well set for summer nail shenanigans.

Have you had any beauty hauls recently? How did you do?