March and April 2016 Haul

Since my no-buy ended, I treated myself to a few things. Okay, I went ham and it ended up being a March and April 2016 Haul. More on everything soon!


One, Milani Luminoso, which I shared on Wednesday.

Value Sets - Sephora Paint it PinkMarch and April 2016 Haul – A mini-haul in itself!

Two, this value set, which I mentioned ordering earlier this month. (More on it next week.) I already rid myself of the box in my spontaneous Spring Cleaning extravaganza.

cinemasecretsThree, in the same order as that value set, a gigantic 32 ounce bottle of the most majestic brush cleanser in the universe.

blackmagicFour, also from that same purchase these reusable microfiber makeup remover cloths. These are Sephora’s in-house knockoff of The Original Makeup Eraser. Haven’t tried it yet.

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Need a Few Days

Hey there – my day job is currently in a hectic phase in which the time I usually devote to the blog (read: evenings!) is being consumed.

I need a week or two few days off to get me all sorted there, and to get back in the swing of things.

Be back soon,

The Beauty Skeptic

Worth it? Foreo Issa Mini

issamini_pkgForeo Issa Mini

Last year after this post, I purchased a Foreo Issa Mini. I did not purchase the curious toothbrush for myself, but for my husband who happens to have unreasonably sensitive gums. Although his dentist tells him his gums are healthy, they bleed every time he brushes (even using the softest-bristled toothbrush).

Can you imagine? That’s REALLY unpleasant!

The Purchase

After I read that some people with sensitive mouths were having good luck with the Issa, I decided to go for it when Sephora had their Spring BI sale. This purchase is what made me VIB, so at the time I only managed to snag 10% off plus whatever eBates was offering at the time.

I ordered the Issa Mini ($119) because functionally, there’s no difference between it and the full-size. The main differences are length of the handle and size of the silicone ‘brush’ head…we checked them out together and decided the Mini would be fine. If anything, a slightly smaller brush head is easier to use; it offers greater maneuverability around your teeth, particularly in the back of your mouth. (If you’ve ever used an Oral-B or Sonicare electric with the petite heads, you know this!)

I interviewed my husband who has used it for coming up on a year to capture his opinions on the device and whether he thinks the Foreo Issa Mini was worth it.

His Thoughts

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TPDTY: Acrylics Can Be Uncomfortable

TPDTY stands for Things People Don’t Tell You. This series will feature bits of beauty wisdom that most people don’t hear until after the fact; like a ridiculous, disappointing, secret club.

AcrylicsAcrylics – Photo from

Acrylics can be uncomfortable but, skillfully applied, they aren’t.

The problem lies in cut-rate shops with employees of dubious skills doing rush jobs with low-quality product and tools. I haven’t gotten an acrylic manicure in almost five years, but it makes me sad hearing people who have bad experiences with something that is supposed to be nice and make them feel good.

Have you ever heard someone say that acrylics completely ruined their nails?

That’s not quite right.

That is their perception, and it isn’t a a crazy conclusion to draw, either. In this case? Hate the player, not the game.

Any enhancement may compromise the strength of the natural nail to a certain point, but if the nail technician takes care with their application, your nails will not be, “ruined,” post-removal. A little soft for a few days? Maybe, yes; use a strengthening top coat like this one from Sally Hansen and you’re good-to-go. Shredded, paper-thin, with visible damaged layers? NO!


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Commentary: Buy Your Own Makeup

This whole post was inspired by the events that played out over the course of this text message conversation posted on Distractify. Don’t send people on errands to buy things they don’t know about – or, in short… buy your own makeup.

In the share, a woman has tasked her significant other to go to the store and collect for her a lipstick with only vague descriptors (not a brand, line, or color name), and a false lash kit. Unfortunately, the poster was well out of his element.

  1. If you must send someone to buy things (especially makeup!) – BE SPECIFIC.

The least you could do is send them with a photo or figure out and tell them exactly what you want.

2. If you screw up and task someone with such a thing, then realize they are not up to the task (due to lack of information or familiarity), do not have them continue. Sure, the willingness to try is cute, but…don’t. Go buy your own makeup.

“Light, bright,” might mean something to us when it comes to lipcolor, but it doesn’t mean much to a lot of people.

3. If you realize that this individual cannot tell the difference between a bottle of nail polish and a tube of lipstick…ABORT MISSION IMMEDIATELY.

See number 2.

4. Don’t encourage people to open non-testers to swatch them for you. (And don’t do it yourself!) You are precisely the reason why we can’t have nice things when it comes to drugstore.

You suck, I hope you’re pleased with yourself.

The article was meant to be humorous. To a point, it was – but I can’t shake the feeling that this stuff happens more often than ever occurred to me before I read that silly piece. For the love of cats, go buy your own makeup and don’t send someone else who is not qualified to do it for you.

(Also, I’m not suggesting that significant others are inherently not qualified – but unless yours is pretty interested in your facepaint process… just don’t.)