Protein Hair Treatments – Too Much of a Good Thing

I feel like a broken record bringing it up, but my hair is long, more or less straight (due to its length), wavy-ish if it is feeling sassy (or actually wavy when it is shorter). Except for a couple misguided decisions, I have always worn it that way. Currently, I am growing out some crazy layers that a scissor-happy stylist gave me over a year ago. They’re almost gone! To keep my hair awesome, I was using what I was quite convinced was the best shampoo and conditioner of life, Moisture Maniac from Bed Head by Tigi – I didn’t have problems, but the products say, “A rich, creamy lather takes shine and softness over the edge,” and, “Ends your fight with snarls and tangles. Stop your struggle with dull, drab hair.”

Protein Hair Treatments - Too Much of a Good Thing

To maintain my length, which is to the top of my waist at its longest layer, I do all of the common-sense things that you know you should – I do not regularly blow-dry, flat iron, or use other heat on my hair – when I do, I use an adequate heat-protecting product. I deep condition, I nip away wild splits myself, so on and so forth. Despite my efforts, and despite the shampoo not stripping too much and the conditioner being rich and thick and awesome, after about a year and a half of use, my hair started breaking left and right.

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First Look: Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki

An awesome friend (we’ll call her C) of mine recently decided to gift me a brush, and let me choose what brush it was – I chose a Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki! The Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki had been on my lust list for a while after hearing Jaclyn Hill rave about this brush in, oh, every video she has, so this was very exciting. Most of my brushes are what would be considered low-to-mid-end – I got the Coastal Scents Elite set on sale for something like $25, and the rest are random – cheap brushes that I thought would be “throwaways,” that turned out to be awesome, a few (inexpensive but great) bdellium tools and two Real Techniques. Word on the street is that Sigma is as good as (perhaps better than) MAC at a nicer price.

The outer shipping box had been manhandled by USPS and was not a maiden fair, so we’ll start the unboxing here:

Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki - Packaging

Also, let it be known that said friend is not affiliated with Sigma. She didn’t get a freebie for the sake of promotion, either. She’s just awesome! Here’s the rest of what was in the shipping box, including the brush that has been removed from the fancy sleeve depicted first:

Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki - everything that was in the shipping box

The protective sleeve you see on the brush, below is actually two parts. The lower handle is covered with a cellophane piece (with an awesome holographic Sigma sticker), and the upper handle and head are protected by a thicker, rigid plastic piece. They mean business about packing and protecting their product.

Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki - Unboxed

This sucker will be an important part of my foundation routine – especially come July, as I am not hiring a makeup artist for my wedding. So pristine!

Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki - Unboxed 2

Hello, gorgeous. I can’t wait to awkwardly stipple and buff foundation into my face with you. Let’s face it, stippling looks awkward. You’re hitting yourself in the face rapidly. It is silly.

Sigma F80 Flat Top KabukiSigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush

Take a look at how dense this brush is, perfect for buffing foundation in and building coverage. Though I plan to use it with a liquid foundation (MUFE HD Invisible Cover in 118, Flesh), you could probably use this for mineral or powder foundation.

Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki - so dense!

I haven’t had the chance to use it yet (my skin has been wonky, but is almost 100% again) but I plan on using it tomorrow and am excited to see how awesome my very first Sigma brush is. Thank you again, C!

Disclosure: This post was not sponsored. That said, some of the links in this post are affiliate links – this means I may get a very small percentage of the sale if you decide to buy something. I only recommend products I’ve tried and verified as awesome.

Drugstore Gel Liner Comparison

So as you may or may not know, L’Oreal has a diverse portfolio of brands under its control. They own some high end names that you would be surprised about, but also some drugstore ones aside from the eponymous L’Oreal, but also Maybelline.

When I first started playing with makeup like a child learning how to do my makeup, I decided to try a gel liner. Pencil liners always seemed odd to me, and liquids were too prescise – gel seemed like a happy medium. After a good bit of research into the gel options, I was torn between Maybelline and L’Oreal – both are well-reviewed. I happened to have a coupon for the Maybelline one and a sale was running (yes, why pay retail?) so I went with it and was content.

Later (aka recently), once I was on the verge of running out of usable product (my own error caused it to dry out prematurely), I decided to purchase both and do drugstore gel liner comparison. Here, you have the L’Oreal Infallible Gel Lacquer Liner 24 Hour on the left and the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner.

Drugstore Gel Liner Comparison - L'Oreal Infalliable Lacquer Liner 24Hour and Mabelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel LinerDrugstore Gel Liner Comparison

This post is pretty photo-heavy, so please continue after the jump.

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March 2014 Favorites

March 2014 Favorites

1. Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy Daily Replenishing Lotion $7 /
2. Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow – Space Cowboy, $20 / 3. bareMinerals Shadow – Celestine, $14/
4. Up&Up Max. Strength Acne Medication, $4

I only had four things to list in my March 2014 Favorites, and two of them are single shadows – this says a lot because I am very much so a palette girl. These are really something special.

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Nyx April Fools

So at some point on an April 1 many moons ago, the internet collectively decided that they would bring April Fools to the cyber realm and play silly jokes. Peddler of geeky wares, ThinkGeek, usually has some hilarious joke products (that actually became real after interest was expressed). Google tends to do some silly things, including the Google Maps Pokemon stuff that is going on.

Why bring it up? I’m not trolling you, after all.

Nyx Cosmetics, however, is.

The Mirage Palette, pictured below, purportedly is:

  • Waterproof
  • Smudge proof
  • Long lasting (basically lasts forever)
  • Adapts to any skin tone
  • Perfect for any age
  • Contains 20 shadows and blushers, as well as 10 vibrant lip colors.
  • Coverage is lightweight and so sheer, it’s like it’s not even there.
  • Never cakes or fades
  • Never smears or stains

Ohhh, the inside:

Really? Yes, I’m being a bit, “Bah Humbug,” here, but if you’re going to troll, at least be clever or inventive…or, on the other hand, be so outlandishly ridiculous that we can’t bear but chuckle! Cheers, hope you haven’t been embarrassed today.