Update: Josie Maran Argan Oil Light

I mentioned in my Birthday Haul that I picked up an 0.5 oz bottle of Josie Maran Argan Oil Light. I’ve had some time to use it and at the beginning of August, I mentioned it in my July 2014 Favorites.

Josie Maran Argan Oil LightJosie Maran Argan Oil Light, 0.5 fl oz

I am pleased to report that not only do I like it (obviously, it was in a Favorites) but that I like it better than the original – at least for summer time. The thinner consistency of the oil helps it, “move,” easier and it applies quicker.

I have normal/combination skin with a slightly oily T-Zone – I don’t feel as though I have to use the Josie Maran Argan Oil Light super-sparingly on my forehead and nose area like I sometimes felt I did with the original Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil (at least in the fairer months). I still apply the same way before bed. Starting with a clean face and hands:

  • 2-3 drops onto a fingertip.
  • Rub fingertips together to distribute product for application.
  • Dab one finger over my scar (I had a mole removed in November 2013).
  • Pat eye area with two fingers.
  • Using a rolling-pressing motion, apply to cheeks.
  • Glide fingertips over forehead, nose, and chin to apply remaining product.
  • If your hands still feel a little, “dewy,” rub anything left into your cuticles.

That’s it! You can wash your hands again if you want, but I prefer not to, at least lately. Despite being summer, the skin on my hands has been crazy dry. Then, wait a couple minutes before laying down so you don’t transfer it to your pillowcase. I consistently wake up with happy, hydrated skin that is never too shiny.

I do wear this on my skin in the daytime if I am not going to wear makeup or if I am wearing lazy makeup; otherwise, this is not really suitable under makeup for my skin. Those of you with skin that is dry on its own may be able to wear it under makeup without issue, though. As for me, I’m still searching for a good solution for daytime moisture. Do you have any recommendations?

I absolutely plan on replacing this when I run out eventually (which, like its older sister, does not seem like something that will happen any time soon); I hope Sephora sells a duo of the original and Light again come the holidays. I look forward to seeing how it works for me as we transition into the cooler (drier) months. I kind of hope I will be able to use Josie Maran Argan Oil Light in daytime during the winter, and the original 100% Pure Argan Oil at night.


Lazy Day Tag

It has been a busy week for me with other projects, so this was a perfect and timely post. I know that Lazy Day posts are more of a fashion and/or lifestyle blogger thing, but what the heck.  This would be a day I’m feeling lazy but have to go to work and be a presentable human being.

Lazy Day TagLazy Day Tag

It’s actually very easy for me to over-clean my face (once a day is good – twice a day freaks my skin out), so I’d start by splashing (carefully, like a civilized human being – not like the careless girls in the commercials) my face with cool water, then pat dry. Slap on moisturizer du jour. I use argan oil at night, but I am still on the hunt for a good daytime one (CeraVe is just too damn much).

Slap on some Maybelline Instant Age-Rewind Concealer to combat my dark circles and even out my eye area. The applicator is weird, but I blend it out with a (freshly washed) finger and woo! Done, easy. Already look way more awake.

Apply BareMinerals Flawless Definition Mascara – if we’re lucky and I have enough motivation, I’ll curl my lashes with my Sonia Kashuk Eyelash Curler (I am normally motivated enough to do this). Oooh.

If I need help looking like I’m, you know, of the living, I’ll apply some e.l.f Studio Blush in Tickled Pink. Most days, though, I don’t bother.

Lipstick? On a lazy day? Ahahaha. Yeah. Right. More like BonneBell Lip Smacker Dr Pepper. I don’t need to justify this.

Nina Ultra Pro Nail Polish

Nina Ultra Pro

I primarily use gel nail polish for my fingers these days, but I usually stick with traditional polishes for my toes. I was in Sally Beauty a few months ago and they had the Nina Ultra Pro brand on sale for half off or something like that, so I grabbed two bottles. Previously, I always avoided the brand – can’t actually tell you why, I never heard anything bad about them – I guess I just assumed I wouldn’t care for them.

That was dumb of me.

The consistency of both polishes, I found, was good – neither too thick or too thin, both glided on easily when I swatched them. They dried quickly (within two minutes) and removed cleanly. The brush itself is wide, reminiscent of OPI’s wide brush (do they still offer that across the board?) – I personally loved it, but people not used to working with wider brushes may have a bit of a learning curve when it comes to not getting product on their cuticles or side-walls.

I didn’t get around to using one beyond swatching until relatively recently, though. I slapped two coats of Nina Ultra Pro in Pearly Brights on my toes recently. This neon, pearlescent, matte, coral-pink is legitimately a special snowflake (in a good way); I really have not seen a color like it. Two coals was still vaguely sheer – I believe three would get you to opacity, and a quick search of Google confirmed that other wearers did in fact reach opacity at three coats. Normally, I hate having to go three coats but I am a little more lenient with neons – especially neons that come to a matte finish on their own.

To get a glossy finish and therefore properly appreciate the pearliness of the polish, I topped my two-coat Nina Ultra Pro Pearly Brights toes with a coat of Seche Vite (aka best top-coat ever) and am pleased with the result. So far, it is holding up just as well as any other polish (including ORLY, OPI, and essie) – I’ll update this post if I have any weird issues with it, but I really don’t see that happening at this point.

Like I said earlier, I had no idea why I never bothered with this brand (I’m not a brand snob or anything!) but I’m glad I tried it. It appears as if Nina Ultra Pro is on sale at Sally Beauty this week, see if they have a shade you like if you’re shopping there this week!

Naked2 Basics from Urban Decay

Urban Decay Naked2 Basics comes out August 19!Naked2 Basics from Urban Decay

I’ve been wondering if they were going to pull this for a long time, and they have – Urban Decay is coming out with a second, “basics,” palette – Naked2 Basics!

Because they like to repeat themselves (consistency isn’t a bad thing) Naked and Naked Basics were “warm,” neutral palettes, so Naked2 and the newly-minted Naked2 Basics are, “cool.” Rather than being all-matte, one shade (Skimp) features a slight satin finish, allegedly to help with highlighting.

Although I had zero interest in getting Naked Basics (despite my love of warm neutrals), I am actually somewhat interested in Naked2 basics – I don’t have as many cooler neutrals, and I can actually do more with a taupe-neutral than I can a tan one…on my skin, anyway. I also love that the palette doesn’t come with yet another freaking black. I have enough black eyeshadow to last ten years. Dark brown, however, I don’t have many of, and could use the heck out of.

I won’t be buying as soon as it drops, but it is definitely on my wishlist – hopefully I will obtain it by the holidays. I wonder if they will come out with a rose-hued matte, Naked3 Basics..?

How about you? Are you another Urban Decay / Naked loyalist, eager to leap on the opportunity? Are you a neutral-hoarder? (It’s okay, this is a safe place.) Or are you over the neutrals? If so, what do you want instead?

Naked2 Basics will be available directly from UrbanDecay.com starting August 19 (just under a week!) for $29.