Zoya Earth Day Polish Exchange

Zoya Earth Day Polish Exchange
photo courtesy of the Zoya blog.

Health- and eco-conscious polish brand Zoya is known for their awesome promotions such as free bottles of polish (you just pay shipping). The promo du jour is actually a re-run: Zoya’s Earth Day Polish Exchange, which runs this year from April 21 – 28 with promo code ZDAY2014.

Add as few as five bottles of polish to your cart and as many as twenty-four, then enter the promo code – the polish should drop from its regular price at about $9+ per bottle down to $4.50 per bottle OR $5 for their fancy glittery PixieDust products and special effect toppers. Unfortunately, it does not include their newest summer connection line(s), but I think you’ll live. You’re looking at spending $22.50 for five (regular) bottles of polish – not bad, especially considering that some drugstore polishes are more costly and these are 5-free. Additionally, carts over $30 currently receive a free gift – a 2oz. bottle of Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover.

Once you receive your new, fancy, 5-free polish from Zoya’s Earth Day Polish Exchange, you can then send them old, unwanted polish to be safely disposed of in accordance with EPA guidelines (FYI – you aren’t supposed to toss them in your regular, residential trash). Zoya will accept up to as many bottles as you purchased – so if you purchased 9 bottles of polish, you can send up to (but not more than) nine for disposal. You could also just send three, if that’s all you wanted to purge. You are not, however, required to send in any old bottles to take advantage of this neat promotion.

This would be a great way to start someone’s polish collection (especially considering you are not required to send in old bottles) or try Zoya products while getting some variety without a huge cost-commitment. It also may make a nice Mother’s Day gift (right around the corner, people – May 11) if your Mom enjoys having lacquered nails. You might also just be looking for justification to buy more polish – so you’re welcome. I haven’t tried any Zoya polish yet, but I look forward to doing so!

Also, Zoya doesn’t know who I am and they didn’t ask me to write about this promo – I, as a polish junkie and sale-stalker, just wanted to look out for my fellow polish-fanciers.

PSA: Now Available – Nyx Macaron Lippies

Nyx Macaron Lippies
Nyx Macaron Lippies
photo courtesy of nyx’s instagram


I’m not cool enough (yet!) to have given you a first look at these suckers (or…cookies? Do macarons count as cookies?) but they were announced as available for purchase today. The Nyx Macaron Lippies (their word!) line, which conjures images of Crayola crayons of my youth, consists of brights, pastels, and three neutrals that are so unlike what we’re used to seeing in lipstick shades (unless you’re a LimeCrime veteran).

Retailing for $6 a pop (here I go again with the incorrect sweets references), the adventurous, the creators, and the collectors alike will be able to stock their stash. It seems as though the lipsticks are intended to be mixed (or so I think from the presence of the white and black shades) into custom-blended colors, but I have no personal experience with the formula which is purportedly a long-wearing satin-matte.

Those who crave color for their smile but bemoaned the lack of sub-$15-each options (OCC Lip Tars and LimeCrime are both more costly and more difficult to come by) will be pleased by the wallet-friendly option. It remains to be seen whether or not retail outfits (Target, Ulta, etc) will pick up the Nyx Macaron Lippies line, but it is still a step in the right direction.

I will personally be passing; unless I picked up a few to mix shades to get a more, “wearable,” hue or being silly at a con, I couldn’t see myself going after these (no hate!) because I am pretty tame with lipcolors (Beso and Adora aside). What are your thoughts – will you explore these colorful lipsticks?

Long Weekend

It was a long weekend. Fortunately, it featured some of these:


AKA best Easter candy of life, especially after they have been slightly chilled in the ‘fridge. Step aside, Peeps and Cadbury eggs. This is a firm marshmallow bunny coated in a thin layer of chocolate – basically, it is perfect. I don’t have as much of a sweet tooth as I used to, but this is delicious without being overwhelmingly sweet.

Anyway, it was a long weekend because it was a busy weekend. Lots of running around. Regular posts will resume on Wednesday.

Chatter: Adventures in Hair Drying

Adventures in Hair drying

I’d just like to share with you a brief anecdote from Tuesday night.
All products mentioned are in the picture above!

1. Wash hair. It’s time, you know? Plus, you need to get that dry shampoo buildup out (it is awesome, but is not meant to stay forever). Condition liberally, leave it in for a few while you wash your face and body.

2. Procrastinate about leaving the warm shower. It’s cold on the other side of the curtain. Pout like a child, grudgingly dry off and step out.

3. Hastily towel dry hair so it isn’t sopping or considering becoming icicles. Start a blowout with drenched hair? You’re gonna have a bad time.

4. Comb through your mane with a wide-toothed comb to detangle. We’re civilized folk, after all.

5. Rummage through the drawer o’ hair goop. Grab your Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum and Ion knockoff (from Sally Beauty, left) of Aquage Uplifting Foam (real, right) .

6. Toss most of your hair to one side and section about an inch above the ear. Try to spray it on like Kate from the Small Things Blog shows us.

7. Instead, do a horrible job at it and somehow wind up with it on the door of the bathroom (I don’t even…). Wipe off the door before your fiance thinks you were doing grade-school science experiments in the bathroom with hair products as reagents. Don’t be like me.
Also, don’t use hair products as reagents – a lot of them are pressurized and/or flammable. The more you know.

8. Deal with the now-intrigued cats on the other side of the door who were curious about what was getting the inside of the door (aka you wiping the root-lifting mousse off the door).

9.  Apply one pump of Super Skinny to the mid-lengths and ends. This step was pretty anticlimactic. Wipe your hands off because it feels weird.

10. Rough dry upside down with an easily-obtained dryer (though I guess a difficult to obtain one would work just as well), trying to get the scalp area (where you applied too much foam goop) driest. Flip back over, make sure the roots are dry.

11. Move onto the ends with an awesome gigantic round brush (4″!) that you require (because your hair is almost waist length when it isn’t being wild and crazy and using a 2.5″ barrel would be awful).

12. Get bored 7/8 of the way through your adventures in hair drying (with nearly-dry hair!) and decide to go finish making dinner.

This is a pretty normal DIY blowout for me. Occasionally, I’ll really take the time to go through the process properly. But really, it is important that your routine feels like something you want to do, and not like a chore. You do not have to take it so seriously – the world won’t end if you get root-lifting mousse on the door, after all.

Ginger & Co Hand It To Me

Recently a new Ulta opened nearby (woo, accessibility)! I just took advantage of a promo on their site (and received it the day before), so my resolve was firm not to purchase any makeup. That, of course, does not mean, “not to purchase anything.”

Though I did purchase a few items, including some neat sunscreen, the item I was most excited about was the Hand it to Me Dreamy Hand cream which I thought was from Soap & Glory. I was looking for a hand lotion for my office and was going to get one from a different brand, but when I saw the seemingly Soap & Glory tube that suggested it is a mixture of mallow (what?), lemon balm (oh, I like that!), and rose (eh), I snatched it, sniffed it, deemed it mild and pleasant enough. Off I went.

It wasn’t until I used it, however, that I became horribly offended. The strong rose scent that I did not detect in the store upon initial whiff descended abruptly.
I like the smell of roses on roses. Not my hands. Really, I prefer them to be unscented if possible but wow.
Now, don’t get me wrong – it does not smell bad. If you like roses you will LOVE it! But it was strong, at first, and it surprised me. I looked at the bottle and found that it was not Soap & Glory but a player I hadn’t heard of, Ginger & Co.

Ginger & Co Hand it To Me - front               Ginger & Co Hand it To Me - back

Ginger & Co Hand it to Me Dreamy Handcream

Whaaaat? Shame on me for not paying attention, but doesn’t it just scream Soap & Glory? I’m not sure if they did it on purpose or if it was a coincidence, but Ginger & Co is just so darn similar. Even Musing Of a Muse thought so! Both lines hail from across the pond in England. To be perfectly honest, it wouldn’t surprise me if the creator was the same but wanted to keep lower-priced options available since Soap & Glory graduated to the wonderful world of Sephora exclusivity.

Anyway. Despite my initial distaste for the hand cream, it did feel quite nice – not greasy, not too silicone-y (it does contain it, like a good hand cream should, but some…overdo it), not thin. Formula-wise, for my needs it is just right. I slap it on during the day at work – it absorbs quickly, which makes me happy. My hands stay hydrated for hours – I have not yet had to reapply over the course of the workday–perfect!

About a half-hour to an hour after application, the you’ll notice the fragrance has changed. Any good scent evolves over the course of dry-down, and becomes unique as it works with your body chemistry. After that time the fragrance is still lightly floral, but not overwhelmingly rose. Just feminine, pretty…I can’t really identify the notes for you, though, because I am not a fragrance connoisseur.

At this time, I’m not sure if I will repurchase. It does perform very well, I’m just very particular about fragrance (if I weren’t, I’d rebuy in a heartbeat). If you like rose or are indifferent to strongly scented lotions, this is a great one to try. You can purchase Ginger & Co products at your friendly neighborhood Ulta, this hand cream specifically usually runs $7.99, should be eligible for most coupons, and currently qualifies for the B2G1 free promo.