DIY Hair Gloss – Updated

This is a legacy post that I’ve given a facelift because who doesn’t want shiny hair? I’ve done this four times now, including on my highlights – and it looks great. Opinions are the same, but is formatted and edited for easier reading and flow.

I shared a tutorial on how to DIY Hair Gloss in May 2014. It’s been a while, and it’s time to do it again – mostly to refresh the shine, and partially to make the process easier.

DIY Hair Gloss SuppliesDIY Hair Gloss Supplies


Supplies needed are the same as before, with a couple additions:

I picked up a lot of this stuff from Sally Beauty when they had some sales and I had a 20% of, but a lot of that stuff can be found on Amazon, too. Instructions after the jump.

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Look Awake in No Time

Today is my first day back to my day job since the day before Christmas Eve; an unpredecented holiday break (my employer has a use-them-or-lose-them vacation day policy) for me. So, as I’m sure anyone in a similar situation can imagine, this first Monday of the year is a molehill that feels like a mountain as I make my way through the motions of my workday. But hey – at least I look awake!

Professionals, students, and Moms, you can relate: Sleep is a beautiful, precious thing. Even though I find significant joy in makeup, one cannot get through the days as a functional human being on joy and/or a perfectly executed winged liner alone.

On a daily basis, I prefer more sleep over more time to primp. I am a Snooze Button fiend. In spite of my extra sleep, I often still look pretty tired and sleepy until my second cup of coffee (and even then, coffee doesn’t cure dark circles). I’m not always a fan of looking like death-warmed-over, though.

Fortunately because I find myself in this situation more often than I care to admit, I’ve become pretty good at handling it. Regardless of the reason we’re time-deprived, most of us have three minutes. Yes, three. That’s it. This isn’t a, “no makeup-makeup look,” that requires you spend more time than you’d ever expect. This isn’t a full blown morning routine complete with sun salutations and lemon water, though – this is JUST making your face look less exhausted without doing a full face. Give me three minutes and I can look like my cats didn’t wake me up three times last night or like I did more harm than good by thrice-striking snooze.

First, concealer, post haste. I still really love Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer, even though the packaging could be better. I’m cracking open my fourth tube, soon – and let’s face it, how often do we makeup fanciers repurchase something 4+ times? Yeah, I dig it. We understand each other.

Look Awake In No Time
Look Awake In No Time…with my highly sought-after diagrams /s

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Tip2Toe Electric Callus Tool

I am a fan of flip-flops.

Seriously, you don’t know. I wore them in the winter until I moved somewhere Truly Snowy in the Winter (and have since wised up). I have a $50 pair of Rainbows and they are joy.

(I never claimed to be fashionable.)

Tip2Toe - Box

Anyway, as a result of being flip-flop-focused, I need to pay a little more attention to pedicures. Last Christmas, my husband got me a Tip2Toe Electric Callus tool (knowing my pedi-obsession) from Amazon. It is a high-powered (and I do mean high) electric rotary tool that you use to buff dead skin from your feet. I had actually considered just getting a dremel (not because my feet are atrocious, but because I’m lazy) – but I couldn’t figure out what grit(s) would be safe to use.

The Tip2Toe has a long cord with a GFI switch at the plug (like a hairdryer) to protect you – like I said, this sucker is high powered. You need to be very careful or you will hurt yourself. To use it, you attach its little, yellow, proprietary buffing discs (it comes with a few)…

Tip2Toe - Disc

After soaking your feet to soften them (or, you know, showering – that’s usually fine), you can go to work. It works. It smooths them, but for me, didn’t remove the excess like I so desired. I am anti-Credo blade, anti-grater. But then, I figured it out!

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Apply Self-Tanner with a beautyblender

Earlier this month, I talked about how to apply self-tanner to the face with a makeup brush. That’s not the only, “alternative,” way that works really well, though!

Why yes, that is my (old, frankly kind of in rough shape but still going strong!) beautyblender PRO

bbtanapply self-tanner to the face with a beautyblender

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Nail Prep Tips

The trick to a lasting manicure is ensuring a strong bond between your nail and the polish you’re slapping on top.

How? My three top nail prep tips are after the jump.

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