TAG: My Husband Explains Makeup

My Husband Explains Makeup

Every now and then I’ll come across a fun tag (read: NOT 100 Layers of… whatever) and want to join the fun. I first came across it on Minimalist Makeup and thought it could be a bit fun.

I’m grabbing a bit from here and there and adding my own questions.

My Husband Explains Makeup

“Can you name five makeup brands?”

  • Urban Decay – you like them and have a lot of their stuff.
  • Next, NARS – they have weird product names.
  • Maybelline
  • MAC
  • The independent one…you know, you watched a video about it. She was on YouTube then made her own company, uh… MakeupGeek!

“Give me a shady product name from NARS. Bonus points if you name more than one.”

“Orgasm. Orgasm…some more? (Super Orgasm) There’s another shady one but I can’t remember.”

“What is BB Cream?”

“Well it can’t be made with little projectile pellets…so I’m going to say a cleanser or exfoliant with those little scrubby beads?”

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Fall Favorites TAG

I’m hopping on Jaclyn Hill’s Fall Favorites TAG bandwagon! Let’s just jump right into it.

Favorite Candle

It’s a tie!

Beauty Skeptic Fall Favorites TAG - Favorite Candle - Yankee Candle Macintosh

I love Yankee Macintosh, which is just a pure unadulterated apple candle. I love it year round, who am I kidding.

Beauty Skeptic Fall Favorites TAG - Favorite Candle - Yankee Candle Sun Bright

Then, this is a recent discovery but it is so good for Autumn; it’s one of the Pure Radiance crackling wooden-wicked candles from Yankee called Sun Bright. It is subtle and warm.

For those of you looking for candles but have scent-sensitive members of your household, neither of these give my fragrance-headache-prone husband any trouble.

Favorite Lipcolor


Easy – MAC Creme in Your Coffee. I’m sure I’d dig more, but I don’t have a crazy lipcolor stash.

Last year’s Touch of Spice and Divine Wine from Maybelline are lovely, but I have trouble wearing mattes well.

Favorite Drink

Beauty Skeptic Fall Favorites TAG - Favorite Drink

I really enjoy apple cider, but oddly I don’t actually drink very much of it. I’m particularly fond of these k-cups. They’re harder to find, now, for some reason. Add about a half tablespoon of sugar (they’re unsweetened), and win. For everyone curious about my Starbucks order, I will tell you it a) isn’t a damn PSL and b) I get the same thing year-round: Vanilla Bean Frappe with Peppermint. 1 shot for Tall and Grande, 2 in a Venti.

Favorite Blush


Now hiring! No, seriously, I need an Autumn blush. I thought I found one. I didn’t. Help!

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I Heart Spring TAG

May is going to be a chatty month here on the blog, but sometimes its nice to break away from criticizing marketing claims every now and then. Don’t fret, it won’t only be text heavy posts. Unlike Monday, though, this is a little more light-hearted – I decided to go for it after reading The Suitably Named‘s I Heart Spring tag post.

1. Favorite Spring nail polish?
I don’t usually match my nails to the season – I really like feminine pinks for nails year-round, though – like Sensationail Pink Chiffon or China Glaze Gelaze (also in RNP) Exceptionally Gifted. Both are pretty Spring appropriate. I like yellows, too, but I have yet to find one that isn’t so streaky that it throws me into a fit of rage followed by depression.

2. Must have lip color for the Spring?

The blogger who inspired this tag has the same answer as I do! MAC Flamingo – I love it.

3. Favorite Spring dress?

I Heart Spring TAG - Favorite Dress, from White House Black Market
Ah, I’ve been trying to up my dress game recently, so this is a good question! It’s a new one I purchased from White House Black Market at the outlets recently – I can’t find the exact style on their site, but it is very similar to this – except instead of black and white with a red belt, it’s red and like…ecru? with a black belt. Also I think the stripes are more consistent in width and placement. But the cut is the same, and it has pockets. It’s pretty nice though – fully lined, opaque, easily dressed up for either a wedding or work, or worn casually. I just need to get it altered!

There was a lovely taupe one with kind of a cherry blossom print on the skirt, but although my size fit my in the waist the bodice was constructed for a bustier woman than I – and the construction would have made for complicated alterations (sadness). It would have been really beautiful for Spring, but I couldn’t justify it even though I (and even my husband) really liked it.

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