Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain

Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain
Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain

Three areas my collection is really wants for are lips, blush, and highlight. A few months ago, Sephora had their Rouge Infusion Lip Stain available as a BI point reward, so I picked one up. I like the idea of stains because although I love makeup, I’m hilariously lazy when it comes to reapplication. Peony was the available shade, and I was delighted – it seemed like it would be somewhat MLBB, maybe with a touch more pink, but still very like that.

The Rouge Infusion Lip Stain tube is cute and reminds me of a vial, but it may suck to store if you keep all your lip products in an organizer in which they are intended to stand up. The Peony shade is pretty.

…and that’s where the good ends.

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Simple Micellar Wipes

Simple Micellar WipesSimple Micellar Wipes

I haven’t forsaken the Kirkland Makeup Wipes I’ve been buying from Costco, but I’ve seen some positive chatter about the new Simple Micellar Wipes ($6 for 25). Since I enjoyed the previous Simple Makeup Wipes I had, I decided to take advantage of a coupon, Target Cartwheel offer, and an iBotta rebate and try them for science.

I like them – and I like them better than the original ones I had tried from Simple!

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Sephora Colorful Cheek Ink Gel Swatches

Colorful Cheek Ink GelSephora Colorful Cheek Ink Gel Trio

I’ve mentioned before that I have an interest in non-powder blushes. When Sephora released the Colorful Cheek Ink Gels, I made a mental note to give it a shot.

When I received the Sephora Collection Make You Blush! Colorful Cheek Ink Gel trio before Christmas,  I was excited to but ultimately had to set it aside for a bit to get through the holidays. Well, the holidays have now passed and I’m finally settling back into my routine.

The Colorful Cheek Ink Gel trio features three of the six available shades in slightly more (0.35 oz) than half as large a the regular (0.67oz), individual Colorful Cheek Ink Gels.

Colorful Cheek Ink Gel Swatches - Peony, Lotus, DahliaSephora Colorful Cheek Ink Gel Swatches

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Kirkland Signature Makeup Wipes

Kirkland Signature makeup wipesKirkland Signature makeup wipes

A few months ago I shared that I bought a gigantic pack of Kirkland Signature makeup wipes. I’m a good way into the pack by now and feel like I’ve used them enough to speak to them.

First, the packaging. The thickness of the Kirkland Signature makeup wipes’ packaging isn’t quite as substantial as some other wipe brands, but that doesn’t bother me – it still retains moisture in the wipes. It is slightly more convenient to open and close the full sized packs (as compared to the Ponds and Simple wipes I used previously) because it has a hard plastic lid.

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Plus White Gel – Inexpensive, EFFECTIVE Teeth Whitening

Plus White Whitening GelPlus White Whitening Gel ($5)

You don’t need to spend hundreds on teeth whitening with a dentist, or with Dial-a-Smile gimmicks, or famously sensitivity-inducing, hard-to-use strips; instead, Plus White gel is inexpensive, easy to get your hands on, and works for those of us with less than perfect smiles. Heavens – I’m in rare form, I’m pretty sure Plus White was featured as an As Seen on TV item; I never actually saw it on TV myself, but this is one of those things, like the Turbie Twist, that works.

Eons ago, I used Crest Whitestrips. They worked well enough on superficial staining from dark beverages, but when used as directed, they left my teeth (which were not as fussy, then) sensitive; cold things were occasionally intolerable. On top of that, I admittedly have what I snarkily refer to as a, “creatively arranged,” smile (read: my teeth aren’t straight. Most people’s aren’t. I’m not losing sleep over it). Unfortunately, strip-based whitening products (not just Crest’s – Rembrandt has a few, there are some private label ones, etc) aren’t ideal for people whose teeth don’t line up like they’re answering to a drill sargeant; although they can be folded in and pressed to the surface of the tooth, it isn’t as easy as it sounds, and adhesion isn’t as consistent to those uh, “nonconformists,” as is needed. Therefore, my results were uneven and inconsistent.

Before my wedding two summers ago, I revisited Crest; I specifically got the Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips ($35+)…but remembering my experience with them, I decided to seek a backup option in the form of Plus White Gel (only $5 at Wal-Mart). I gave Crest a shot and found that it is definitely better than it was, doing better job with my staining and with strip adhesion than their decade-old counterparts, but I still have the issue of incongruity of my teeth.

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