Matte Gel Polish Topcoats

Matte Gel Polish vs. Matte Classic Polish

In recent months, a few of the leading gel polish providers have released new matte gel polish top coats for those who like to mix up their polish wear. Harmony Gelish offers one ($14), the OPI Gelcolor line has one ($12), and now, so does Sensationail ($10). Matte nails and matte nail art have stuck around as on-trend for a few years now, so it makes sense that the gel giants would like to tap into the market. More people are adopting gel manicures than ever, so it makes sense from a business/sales perspective.

As for me, I’m less concerned with what’s on-trend, nail-wise (or otherwise). I still wear matte nails from time to time (metallic and glittery polishes look outstanding mattified), but I haven’t invested in, and probably will not invest in, any matte gel polish topcoats.


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Too Faced Selfie Powders

I’m kind of an Instagram fledgling. I mostly use it to follow makeup artists and brands I admire; I’m not into selfies, and I’m mostly posting blog content. Given that it isn’t my most-active platform, I’m usually surprised when I learn about new products via Instagram before I hear of them elsewhere.

Too Faced Selfie PowderToo Faced Selfie Powders



The Too Faced Selfie Powders are one such example. Too Faced has been flooding the tubes with #tfnofilter for a little bit, but until they dropped the Selfie Powders I just figured it was the standard cutesy, “nofilter,” hashtag with some branding slapped on. Basically, Too Faced has come out with luminous powders that claim to act like Instagram filters IRL.

“Light-filtering, photo-enhancing powders.”


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Double-Sided Z-Palette

I got my first Z-Palette last year as a gift from a friend made from a community we both belong to. The hype is real, and worth it. As someone who has little space to store my makeup, the fewer bulky, individually packaged items the better. I haven’t filled my large, hot-pink Z-palette yet (and probably won’t for a while), but I love it.

If you aren’t familiar with the brand/product, let me bring you up to speed. A makeup artist wanted a solution to simplify her work and what she needed to bring with her. She created an empty, magnetized palette that you can fill with whatever depotted makeup (or pan refills) your heart desires; mix and match to your heart’s content. It sounds so simple and straightforward, but most, “build your own,” palettes limited you to a specific pan size/shape (sometimes limiting you to their brand).

Four main things I love:

  • It has a clear window so I can see what I put inside.
    My genius (cough) is unfortunately punctuated with bouts of airheadedness, so this is a big help.
  • It isn’t limited to one pan size or shape – it is completely free-form.
    This is a nice contrast to other companies’, “Build Your Own,” palette options. I have two MAC shadows, a MAC blush, a Sephora shadow, a wee Stila shadow amongst other things in mine – all different pan sizes.
  • They come with magnets to secure depotted items that may come in non-magnetic pans.
  • They aren’t bulky. They are travel friendly…in all sizes.

So last Monday when I got an email from them announcing their Double-Sided Z-Palette I was pretty delighted. Although this isn’t something I’m ready to buy because my collection doesn’t call for it, it is a really awesome new offering.

double-sided z-paletteThe new Double-Sided Z-Palette

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PSA: Sephora Flash Shipping

I just signed up for Amazon Prime last month because I, like many people these days, prefer to shop online. It allows me to make better use of my time. I’m not here to shill Prime to you. If you’re here (…on the internet?), reading, you know what it is, you’ve heard about it, and you know a lot of the benefits.

I had a completely different post scheduled for today (something else new, fun an intriguing), but this is too good, friends.

To my delight, I happened upon this glorious page on Sephora’s site – Sephora Flash Shipping.

Sephora Flash Shipping

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Sephora Teint Infusion Ethereal Natural Finish

Sephora Teint Infusion Ethereal Natural Finish FoundationWe went so long without comically long names, but Sephora Teint Infusion Ethereal Natural Finish Foundation makes two this month.

This is foundation I mentioned in my New and Noteworthy at Sephora post last month – the one that I was super excited to try? I wanted it, and in fact almost ordered it when I ordered my Silk’n Flash & Go Freedom – but being unsure of my coloring, I decided not to (yes, I know I can return/exchange it – but if I can also make a little effort before buying to see if its the right color, I’d like to. I don’t want stores to have to trash products because I was lazy. Don’t be that guy, that guy sucks).

During my most-recent Sephora trip I mentioned, before they used ColorIQ to, “match,” me, I mentioned that I was interested in the new Sephora Teint Infusion Ethereal Natural Finish Foundation and lamented its online-only status. One of the bubbly SA’s chimed in that they carried it.

What?! Are you sure?!

She was sure. Her friendly team-mates were sure.

Okay, they carry it. That is fantastic…and probablydefinitely meant I’d be making an unplanned (for that trip, anyway) purchase. ColorIQ matched me to 16 – Linen, which was comically inappropriate for my ghastly-for-me complexion. I had a friend with me and she was highly amused by the, “Oh, no – no no no,” face I made when I tried to blend it out. It probably matches the skin I’m in when I’m, you know, not in winter hibernation mode…but not now. I shook the tester for 12 – Ecru, and dispensed a single drop onto the back of my hand. Like all the other serum foundations out there (YSL Fusion Ink [costs 2.5x as much], Perricone No Foundation-Foundation Serum [more than 2x as much], bareMinerals BareSkin [$5 more, so-so reviews]), it has a very thin consistency. But don’t be dissuaded – one drop went so. damn. far. just on the back of my hand.

Insert whatever choir of angels audio springs to your mind by default. Yeah, I bought it. Is that a question?

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