Worth it? Glamglow Poutmud

Glamglow seems to be continually expanding their line of luxury skincare products. Frankly, I’ve lost track of the entirety of their line, but came across the new Glamglow Poutmud during some Sephora.com browsing.

Glamglow PoutmudGlamglow Poutmud

Like all their other products, the packaging is appealing – bright colors, clean lines, very sleek. But packaging isn’t enough – I’ve waxed disappointed about the Thirstymud mask (it breaks me out) already, and I can’t imagine paying full price for Thirstymud ($69). Really, I’d be hard-pressed to pay even half price for it. My skin’s reaction aside, it isn’t that impressive a product.

Glamglow Poutmud, as I’m sure you may have guessed, is a lip treatment; supposedly a, “powerful duo to gently exfoliate, nourish, and treat lips.” Poutmud, which retails for $39, features two hocus-pocus containing 0.88 oz spheres – one is an exfoliant, the other a balm. But really, the ingredients aren’t anything special. A bunch of oils and butters, fruit extracts, some sugars and salts. It really isn’t ground-breaking, and it damn sure is not worth $39. Plus, being in little pots means they’re less sanitary than, say, dispensing from a tube.

Of course the hype machine has people convinced that everything Glamglow is selling is so amazing (and I haven’t tried their other facial masks) but almost forty bucks for not even an ounce of each a salt and sugar scrub and then a lip balm in cute chrome spheres? Seriously? One reviewer on Sephora’s site says of Glamglow Poutmud,

“Once again, Glamglow made an amazing product. I don’t know how else to describe this, but AMAZING.”

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Urban Decay Vice 4

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know I really enjoy Urban Decay. They’re produce reliable, quality products; I’ve never feared that I made a poor investment when I bought one of their products.

Despite their edgy presentation, they created a (wonderful) monster when they released the Naked palette (of neutrals that, ‘everywoman,’ can feel comfortable with) all those years ago. They’ve not only released four full, “sequel,” palettes…they’ve created an entire product line based on the success of that palette. They’ve been the inspiration for hundreds of dupes – damn near every brand has some sort of 10+ shade neutrals palette now. Admittedly, I was disappointed with the release of Naked Smoky; it just isn’t unique enough to stand on its own and be worth $54 (unless you’re just starting out and don’t own other similar shades already).

They also have their mega-palettes, the Vice line. So far, there’s Vice, Vice 2, Vice 3, and Vice LTD.

Five days ago, Urban Decay shared this…

and Wende Zomnir posted this…

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Urban Decay Vice 4 Swatches

The timing isn’t inappropriate; LORAC just announced their mega palette (more on that next week) for this holiday season, but my point is…


The colors are not remarkably different from the previous iterations of Vice – just like my complaints about Vice LTD. Vice 4 will be the fifth Vice palette from Urban Decay and I just can’t help but think we’re beating a dead horse with these considering their contents are so similar

What are your thoughts on Vice 4? Props to them on the packaging (as always), but that isn’t enough.

NEW Urban Decay Naked Palette

Urban Decay just announced on their Facebook the latest addition to the Naked family, which launches July 8…

NEW Urban Decay Naked Palette - Naked SmokyNaked Smoky – the NEW Urban Decay Naked Palette

Looks like we’ve got some warm, some cool, some dark, some matte in there. It’s a good mix, but not really necessary if you’re already armed with an arsenal of neutrals.

Personally, I only own Naked and Naked2 Basics. I want Naked2, but probably wouldn’t purchase Naked Smoky for myself. As someone who doesn’t tend to rock dark or smoky looks often, it wouldn’t be great for me – and between my other palettes, I have a good enough range. The packaging looks pretty cool as compared to previous iterations, and it comes with a dual-ended blending-and-pencil brush.

Urban Decay hasn’t released pricing info on Naked Smoky yet, but I would expect it to ring in at $54 like the others. Will you buy the new Urban Decay Naked Palette?


NYX Tinted Brow Mascara

NYX Cosmetics has come out with a lot of new brow products lately – a gel, a pomade (trying to take on Dipbrow?), new ultra-skinny pencils, etc. Last month, I picked up the NYX Tinted Brow Mascara in Brunette.

NYX Tinted Brow Mascara - Packaging


I’m happy with Dipbrow, but trying something new is fun every now and then. I picked this up when I returned the failed NYX Green CC Cream. While I was shopping, the first thing that struck me was the lack of variety in available shades. They have blonde (lighter, taupe-y), chocolate (warm brown), brunette (cool brown), espresso (dark brown), and black (brown-black)…that’s it!

I purposefully choose what was supposed to be the cooler brown shade (Brunette) because I don’t like a ton of warmth in my brows. I was surprised to take it home and see that, despite perhaps being the cooler of the two, it is quite warm.

NYX Tinted Brow Mascara - Wand

The consistency of NYX Tinted Brow Mascara is very lightweight, but wet – when you swipe it through your brows, you definitely feel that it is wet. Given that, you don’t have a whole lot of control even though the spoolie with which you apply it is small and stiff. I found myself getting blobs in my brows that were really awkward. Ultimately, I had to gently squeeze the spoolie with a tissue to remove the excess so I was applying the bare minimum.

NYX Tinted Brow Mascara - Hand SwatchNYX Tinted Brow Mascara – Swatch

As far as hold goes? Meh. It’s better than nothing, of course, but if your brows are unruly and you really want them to stay put, you need to break out bigger guns. Without sounding like a shill, I’ve only ever tried Anastasia’s clear one, and I was happy with it. Happy enough to regularly shell out for it? Probably not, and I’m sure there are other good ones out there.

My experimentation with this product has led me to this conclusion – this product would be okay as a finishing touch when paired with a powder or pencil, but I wouldn’t use NYX Tinted Brow Mascara on its own unless your brows are already flawless and on-point (in which case why are you bothering with brow gel?). It’s a little finicky to work with, and the shade range leaves some to be desired. I wouldn’t buy if you’re looking for a one-and-done product, or unless you’re SURE the shade will work for you (my brows were too warm with this, it was really awkward and obvious).

Worth it? NYX Green CC Cream

Overall, I enjoy a mostly-even complexion with few skin complaints. One thing I sometimes experience, almost inexplicably, is redness on my cheeks. I don’t have rosacea, and I’m not on any medications that have flushing as a side effect – I just experience occasional blotchy redness on my cheeks. It makes wearing blush a bit of a pain unless I’ve adequately covered the problem areas with a base to cancel them out.

While shopping for my UD Revolution Giveaway on Ulta.com recently, I spotted the new NYX Green CC Cream. I was curious – I’ve seen (but not tried!) green-based primers and concealers. The area on my cheeks where I experience redness are large enough that I don’t think using green concealer to negate them is the answer, and I just haven’t gotten my hands on a green primer yet. I figured it would be nice to try for science (and the blog), so I ordered a tube of the Light/Medium formulation.

NYX Green CC Cream - Box Front

The NYX Green CC Cream indicates that it is indeed a color corrector that contains all sorts of things that your skin should like. Skin-friendly ingredients are always good in facial products, after all. Let’s look:
NYX Green CC Cream - Box Rear

Without Googling every single ingredient, this product doesn’t seem particularly villainous. No parabens or other questionable content with perhaps the exception of the fragrance (I am not a fan of smelly foundation/moisturizer/BB/CC/whatevers). The NYX Green CC Cream does not appear to be vegan (contains beeswax) but is still cruelty free, as are the rest of NYX products.

NYX Green CC Cream - UnboxedThe tube of NYX Green CC Cream itself says the same things as the box, so there’s nothing else exciting there. The product’s cap screws off revealing a narrow, precise tip from which you can dispense the product for application. I find it curious that they didn’t say, “For best results, apply with fingers/sponge/marshmallows, etc,” but no matter – I winged it.

NYX Green CC Cream - Dispensed

I popped a tiny pearl of product onto the back of my hand – unfortunately, my camera washed it out a bit, but it is definitely green, albeit pastel. If you look very very closely, you can see little specs in the product; I can only assume those are the green pigment beads mentioned on the side of the box:

Green pigment beads transform into a naturally nude, lightweight foundation upon contact with skin, neutralizing redness and resulting in a fresh, revived complexion.


Dotting the NYX Green CC Cream onto one of my cheeks, I found that it had a relatively thin, light consistency. It spread around well, but I was going to need a lot more than that for my face – I squeezed out more product onto my fingertips, emulsified it, and slapped it onto my face. Never having used a color-changing face product like this, it was kind of neat to see the green fade and blend into my skin. It can be a little difficult to tell, at first, where you have placed the product but I imagine this is an issue with all products of this nature, so I won’t slam this one for it.

Fingers are probably the best way to apply this product, followed by a sponge like the beautyblender; I wouldn’t bust out a brush for this.

Although this product does have fragrance, I did not find it irritating in the slightest – it is light and fresh, and smells of neither foundation nor sunscreen (this product does have titanium dioxide, but does not report any SPF properties). The scent would actually make for a pleasant hand or body lotion, but I won’t be slapping NYX Green CC Cream all over.


Once applied, I could tell it was a very light coverage – like a tinted moisturizer – and although it diminished the redness a little, it was still visible. I resolved to wait a few minutes before looking back into the mirror in case it needed to oxidize or change further. I did note, however, that it felt barely-there on my skin.

When I did look back, well… it had definitely oxidized! My skin tone is already neutral-to-warm but I felt as though I belonged on the Simpsons when I looked. My workday had already begun, so I suffered through it, and was fortunately equipped to distract from the difference (scarves, you know? they’re awesome). Unfortunately, the NYX CC Cream pulled exceptionally yellow; if I hoped to wear this, I’d need to bring and blend it it all the way down my neck  – and honestly, that’s too much work for something that is essentially a tinted moisturizer.

On top of all that, the redness on my cheeks showed through. Damn!


Unfortunately, because I do not relish resembling a Simpsons character, the NYX Green CC Cream ($13.99) will be going back to Ulta – and it is damn rare that I return a product. If it hadn’t been so yellow on me, I’d have kept it for days where I wanted to look a little more evened out but wasn’t terribly concerned about coverage, but this just isn’t working out for me. Surprising, too, because I usually love NYX. I still love NYX, and I’ll probably be buying something else in its stead.

Bear in mind that it may oxidize differently on you – so I won’t say, “this is not a good product, don’t buy it.” It feels nice, it just wasn’t the right color for me. I will say, however, not to buy if you cannot for some reason readily return (or give to a friend) in case it isn’t flattering on you, either.