Beauty Hacks & Tips

This legacy post has been given a facelift. Content has been edited for flow and some updates have been added, but the essence is the same!

After comparing my list to so many top hits from Google from silly magazines, I’m confident that MOST of these are not cookie-cuter tips. So many of these, “beauty hacks,” are old hat to me just because I’ve been doing them so long – but it’s come to my attention that some of them are apparently, “sneaky beauty hacks.” I figured, “Why not share?” We’re all trying to streamline our life and make time for other things – even as someone who enjoys beauty, that doesn’t mean I have an hour or two to throw at it on a daily basis – in fact, writing that made me laugh.

Let’s get on with it!

Before I had highlights!

Hair Hacks

  • Maximize efficacy of your dry shampoo. It will absorb oils as you sleep so you aren’t in such a rush in the morning. As much as I love dry shampoo, sometimes I want it to do what it does faster than it does. Solution? Use your dry shampoo at night before you go to sleep. I like Batiste and Psssst!
  • If you buy large bottles of shampoo and conditioner (such as Tresemme’s 39oz monstrosities) and transfer them to smaller bottles, you will be pleased to learn that the caps for Dawn dish soap fit on a lot of bottles that take pumps. Pumps aren’t the best for transferring thick product to other containers, but swapping one of those caps makes life a LOT easier. (2018 Update: These bottle couplers are nice too if you need to combine contents a lot – but I still use Dawn caps for all sorts of things. Reduce, reuse, recycle, save money etc.)

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March 2018 Favorites

March 2018 FavoritesMarch 2018 Favorites
1. Scunci Stay Tight Barettes; long & short, $4.50 / 2. Wet n Wild Walking on Eggshells, $3 /
3. CND Solaroil, $8 / 4. Aveeno Stress Relief Body Wash, $7 / 5. Sensationail Express Gel, My Cherry Amour, $6

Without a purpose in mind, my March 2018 Favorites shaped up to be accessible in terms of where you can purchase (drugstore! Target! Online!) as well as an awesome <$10 each month. I shudder when I see favorites posts and videos where all the products are $25+; for most people, that just isn’t realistic. Details on my favorites after the jump.

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January 2018 Favorites

January 2018 FavoritesJanuary 2018 Favorites
MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly, $22 / Jergens In Shower Sunless Tanning Lotion, $7 /
Tresemme Heat Protectant, $4 / MiroPure Straightening Brush, $40

Unsurprisingly, when I wrote the title of this post, I wrote 2017 instead of 2018. My January 2018 Favorites are short and sweet.

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Worth it? MiroPure Straightening Brush

MiroPure Straightening Brush // straightening brushesMiroPure Straightening Brush, $40

No matter what I seem to do, I can’t seem to bring myself to stick with consistently styling my hair. I’m not particularly good at it. I like sleep more than I like fiddling with my hair first thing in the morning, and that often means my hair isn’t as smooth and visually tidy as I’d like. Late last year I became aware of thermal straightening brushes and shared my initial thoughts in November. Since, the MiroPure Straightening Brush arrived and I’ve used it more times than I can count.

First, we’ll get into how straightening brushes work, then to my review.

How do Straightening Brushes Work?

All brushes are designed a little differently (here’s a Dafni, for instance), but the core concept is the same. The back plate of the brush (analogous to the cushion area) is heated just like the plates of a flat iron. Likewise most or all of the, “bristles,” or, “teeth,” are constructed of or surrounded by that same plate material and are heated.

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First Look: As Seen on TV Kiss InstaWave Automatic Curler

First Look: As Seen on TV Kiss InstaWave Automatic CurlerAs Seen on TV Kiss InstaWave Automatic Curler

I had seen the Beachwaver. It’s a lovely-looking device and gets great reviews. That said, there is a ceiling on how much I’m willing to spend on a product I’m just curious about and don’t have a yearning for. What they want for the Beachwaver far exceeds that, so it was never on my radar as a possibility. Later, when I was treating myself a bit before the holidays I came across a handsome deal on the Kiss InstaWave automated curler…which is an As Seen on TV product.

As far as I’m concerned, there are two As Seen on TV products worth the time of day. The first is Oxi Clean (I use unscented) and the second are Turbie Twists (so cheap, so useful). $25 wasn’t a huge risk for me, though, and I had a gift card – so I decided to bite.


Kiss pitches the following benefits from using the InstaWave curler:

  • Tangle-Free Curling
  • Stress-Free Styling*
  • No Skills Needed

If it’s true, sign me up. I’m about as hair inept as they come. For now, color me skeptical; I’m not sure a rotating barrel + long hair = truly stress free, though. Not at first, anyway.

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