EcoTools Eye Enhancing Set Giveaway

Apologies for the delayed announcement of winners (see below widget). Winners have been contacted via e-mail.

Thank you for entering and participating!

January and February are easily my least favorite months of the year. The cozy sweater weather of autumn becomes awkwardly layer up in fleece-lined leggings and sweatpants weather. I happen to think giveaways are a nice little pick-me-up, though. Maybe you do, too – so I’m hosting another EcoTools Eye Enhancing Set Giveaway – and this time, I’m giving away THREE.

EcoTools Eye Enhancing Set GiveawayEcoTools Eye Enhancing Set Giveaway

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Sensationail Starter Kit Winner & Saturnalia 2016

The winner of last week’s Sensationail Starter Kit giveaway, Nicole, has been contacted. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. As much as I love gold and bronze eyeshadow, if I had to select a single thing as my favorite beauty product, that would be it.


As for me, I have some rare, precious time off from work, which recently became even more valuable due to a promotion I earned. I have therefore decided to give myself some grace and throw caution, responsibility, and general adulting to the wind for a week. In reality, I’ll still be working on Beauty Skeptic, but a week free of deadlines does a lot for the creative spirit.

I hope your preferred flavor of winter holidays, secular or religious, are most excellent. Regrettably, I still haven’t figured out how to get a Festivus pole in my apartment; I didn’t even manage to get my wee secular Christmas tree up this year. It’s been busy since Thanksgiving.

Please do be smart and safe on New Years’ Eve. If you will be celebrating in the customary fashion, arrange transportation (that you are not the driver of!) in advance. In a pinch, there are TONS of resources for free or discounted safe rides. Lyft and Uber offered services of this nature around Thanksgiving, and various AAA chapters do, too. Please do your homework before going to have fun.

Content will return Monday, January 2, 2017. See you then.

500th Post Giveaway

Today marks my 500th post to Beauty Skeptic. What an exciting milestone – and what better way to celebrate than with a giveaway to give back? Give back to you who, incredibly, give me enough time to day to read my drivel? What started as the result of an off-handed remark between a friend and I has grown into a blog that gets:

  • roughly 400 unique visitors per day (more when I remember to cross-post my content in relevant areas)
  • recognition elsewhere on the internet for not being an idiot
  • social media followers
  • enough annual ad revenue from Adsense to cover my hosting costs

…and so forth. That’s amazing – especially since I do not have much of an Instagram presence, and will not ever have a Snapchat presence.

Thank you!

Anyway, what to give away…

500th Post Giveaway - Sensationail Starter Kit

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Real Techniques Brush Palette Giveaway

Real Techniques Brush Palette Giveaway

Real Techniques Brush Palette Giveaway

We all need to take care of our beauty tools. It’s been a while since I’ve hosted a blog giveaway, and since it’s such a big deal to me, I’m giving away a Real Techniques Brush Palette, which I wrote about in August. Enter via the widget, below. Entries, as always, will be validated – so be sure to follow the instructions (leave a comment, etc).

Winners will be announced Thursday, September 22.


It should go without saying that maintaining your tools is extremely important. That concept isn’t remotely unique to beauty. It’s true of the kitchen, garden, construction, woodworking, electronics, and oh – basically any other activity you can reasonably think of that is heavily dependent on tools. If your tools aren’t clean, they aren’t going to perform as well as they could have (regardless of their manufacture quality) – with beauty tools, you might not get the application you want. You will also not get the same lifespan out of that tool. Furthermore, there’s hygiene to consider.

On Hygiene

A final note for those of you who literally never wash your brushes. Makeup brushes and sponges come into contact with far fewer things than our hands, but can you imagine if you never washed your hands? Or even just the towel you use to dry your face (be it the one you dry your body with, or a dedicated one). Yeah. Enter the giveaway!


Real Techniques Brush Palette Giveaway

Lorac PRO Palette 3 Review, Swatches, & GIVEAWAY

Lorac PRO Palette 3Lorac PRO Palette 3

Hello PRO Palette my old friend,
I’ve come to purchase you again.

I say, “again,” but that’s misleading. Until I got exceptionally lucky on May 28 (who said being an Ultamate Rewards Platinum member was without perks?!), I had never purchased the Lorac PRO Palette 3 before. I do own both of its predecessors, and shared similarly when Lorac PRO Palette 2 came out a couple years ago.



I’m tickled. I saw Tati’s swatches on May 12 and was like, “YEP, my body is definitely ready for this.” It seemed, for a while, that Lorac was focusing on other things – the Alter Ego Lipsticks, the blushes. In my view, the Lorac PRO Palette 3 is long overdue. It launches:

  • Online at June 12, 2016
  • Ulta Stores: June 26, 2016
  • Everywhere Else: July 3, 2016


Prices have gone up since the last time I purchased a PRO palette; up to $44 from $42, falling in line with Urban Decay’s similar $2 increase but still a whole $10 less than a Naked palette. All the PROs, including the Lorac PRO Palette 3, cost this much. Like its siblings, Lorac PRO Palette 3 comes with the sixteen-shade palette and a deluxe sample tube of their Behind the Scenes eye primer.

Some are salty because they feel that this feels too similar to Lorac Unzipped – although it definitely is similar, the shadow formulation DOES differ between the palettes…and you get more shades out of this one. If you already own Unzipped I probably wouldn’t bother, but if you’re debating? Get this one for sure.


Let’s jump right into it (swatches and giveaway details after the jump!)

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