Flight Routine

Flight Routine - Skincare, Beauty, etc.What do you mean, “Flight Routine?”

I’ve seen a lot of posts and videos about ‘flight routines.’ They usually consist of a person going to the airport in full makeup to board the plane. Once seated and in-flight, they proceed to wipe away their facepaint and slather on a veritable ton of skincare goo.

We all know flying is stressful not just on our minds and bodies but also our hair and skin. Could you imagine sitting next to someone who sets up a vanity on their tray-table and slaps on a sheet mask? Ack.

Because this particular itinerary is for business it is important to look as professional as possible at virtually all times. For one, I am travelling as a representative of my employer and two, I am traveling in the company of both my immediate manager and a mentor of mine. So no, no sheet masks, no thick balms, or notions of lotions and potions.

My travel has me in the air for roughly 6.5-7 hours each way with a layover in between and probably not nearly enough water or good food. It isn’t really nap-friendly.

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Chatter: Seasons of Beauty

Once upon a time, well before writing this blog was even a glimmer of consideration in my mind, I was a nail fiend. I had a completely unreasonable amount of nail polish, I was painting 2-4 times per week, and nail art was my norm (at risk of being that guy, here) before it was cool. Every one of my DIY manicures had nail art. Sometimes on just 1-2 nails per hand, sometimes each finger.

Usually my nails featured original designs, but sometimes recreations of things I’d seen online – definitely did cutepolish’s Pikachu manicure (from before she showed her face in her videos, talk about a throwback) because like any 90s kid, I have this strange compulsion to do silly nostalgic things. I became skillful with an orangewood stick, dotting tool, and those surprisingly annoying long, skinny brushes in the detailer polish bottles.

And then, somewhere, that ended. I moved on to other things, entered other seasons of beauty. I still painted my nails, and was still a perfectionist about it, but I wasn’t going crazy with it. I’m not sure why, but if I had to guess it would be the introduction of gel polish to my life (still a really great present, husband), which enabled me to spend about an hour on my nails once every 7-14 (if lucky) days. Nail art is still possible with gel (and some people make incredible designs!), but I’m just not into that right now. 

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beautyblender Nude

beautyblender Nudebeautyblender Nude

I haven’t written a post dedicated solely to the beautyblender, but it has been a recurring topic because I love them (comparison to Bundle Monster sponges here, and the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge here). Recently, a new shade was added to the family of egg-shaped sponges; beautyblender Nude.

The beautyblender sponges come in five colors: Pink (classic), Black (Pro), White (Pure), Red (Red Carpet, limited edition I think), Purple (Royal), and now Nude.

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Meeting Expectations

This is going to come across a bit rant-y, and that’s because it is. This was inspired by recent events but is not exclusively in reference to them.

When content creators (bloggers, vloggers, etc. for whom such creation is what pays their bills)…

  • fail to meet the expectations that they set for their readership, viewership, subscribers – whoever consumes their content
    Maybe they stopped publishing consistently. Maybe they are heavily deviating from their schedule. Maybe they promised content by X time and didn’t deliver.
  • subsequently make (shoddy) excuses for not doing so
    Especially when a pattern of not meeting expectations develops
  • get upset and play victim when someone (gently) questions the excuse
    Such as perhaps claiming a thing happened or did not happen (when that is not necessarily true), but that thing is readily available, public information.

…it vexes me.

As a part of that consumer base, do I feel personally insulted or cheated? No, but I do think it is lame to make a pattern of failing to meet the commitments you set for yourself for, you know, doing your job. Acting like a victim and getting defensive is never professional.

So, before I continue, let me explain what this is not. It is not:

  • Saying people cannot have lives or adjust their publishing schedules or expectations.
    If you need to adjust those expectations, do it! If you published content twice a week but could only manage three times per month simply state that due to your workload, this is what will be going on for the foreseeable future. You can share the reason if you wish to, but you don’t have to. We all have busier or more-stressful seasons of life!
  • Applicable to those who have other careers. If your blog is a hobby, side- or passion-project, yeah; other things come first. The job that keeps a roof over your head and its workload, your health, etc. come first.

Moving on – then, when fans go, “Wait, the reasoning you (voluntarily) provided doesn’t quite add up, am I misunderstanding?” Others defend these individuals say, “They don’t owe you anything! You aren’t paying them!”

Au contraire.

Allow me to cure you of your naïveté.

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Why Cuticle Oil Is Important

Cuticle Oil

I don’t share many anecdotes on the blog, but this was a little funny and bizarre – so here’s a bit more on why we should make a practice of regularly using a cuticle oil. Although my skin, hair, and lips are expressing their dismay at the cold, dry weather, my fingers and nails have actually seemed fine with the level of care I was providing.

I’m at work a week or two ago, typing away. Definitely, “in the zone,” as far as being productive. My finger slips off a key – odd, but whatever. I keep typing.

It happens again. I look down and notice there’s blood on my keyboard.

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