Lipstick Is My Vice

Lipstick Is My ViceUrban Decay Lipstick is my Vice

The title of this post isn’t true. Lipstick isn’t my vice. I enjoy what I enjoy, but I’m definite an eye rather than a lip girl. I didn’t realize it at the time but when I bought F-Bomb for $11, it was because UD is killing the Revolution Lipstick line in favor of their Lipstick Is My Vice / Vice Lipstick line which launches June 5.

It feels, to me, like we lost the Revolution line too soon. After a long time without lipsticks from Urban Decay, many of us rejoiced when the Revolution line came out. They gradually added mattes and sheers to the line to cover a lot of interests when it comes to lipcolor. Well, like so many Game of Thrones characters, their life was cut short.

It isn’t all bad, as I found looking at Temptalia’s swatches. The shades we’ve come to love are staying, with a (supposedly) new and improved formula. There are 100 lipsticks being released, and 74 of them are brand new shades. Furthermore, they will be priced to compete with MAC’s lipsticks – only $17 a tube down from $22 for a Revolution lipstick. Let’s hope a drop in price does not equate to a drop in quality. Additionally, they are revamping many of the lip pencils out there – so if you’re a pencil pusher, that should be good news for you, too.

Get the $11 Revolution Lipsticks while you can from Sephora, Ulta, Macy’s. They are selling out.

May 2016 Throwback Roundup

Definitely missed the boat on April’s throwback posts, but life conspired against me. Get nostalgic with me and check out my May 2016 Throwback Roundup featuring content from the Beauty Skeptic archives for the past few years! Whether you’re a new reader this year or have been on board for a while, here’s a compilation of some throwback posts from the archives. Hopefully you find some helpful info.

How to Dry Makeup Brushes

A tutorial on how to wash and how to dry your makeup brushes without expensive shampoos, tools, or brush-trees.

Ponds Luminous Finish BB+ + Babying Products

I first discovered and professed my love for Ponds Luminous Finish BB+, now sadly discontinued.

As much as I wanted to love ThirstyMud from Glamglow, it just didn’t work out.

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Worth it? Beauty Subscription Boxes

beauty subscription boxes

Subscription boxes in general are everywhere, catering to various interests and desires. There are boxes for people who want purportedly healthy snacks, boxes for dog owners, boxes for geeks, and, what’s relevant to this blog, beauty subscription boxes.

Like other subscriptions, beauty subscription boxes do several things. They:

  • Give us something to look forward to. Admit it, you like receiving packages.
  • Create an opportunity to try items that we might not otherwise choose to buy for ourselves.
  • Yield the novelty of a value set month-after-month.
  • Enable smaller or newer brands to get their good name out there.
  • Provide a way for established brands to generate buzz about new products.
  • Offer an outlet for brands or retailers to deal with overstock.

Some companies offer subscription boxes for $10 per month (or less if you agree to six months or a year). I’ve tossed around the idea, but until now, I’ve let it go. Here’s why:

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Self Tanning Prep

It’s finally sunless tanning season! Maybe you bother year ’round, maybe you’ve already started for the year – but for the rest of us, here are some tips on how to achieve a great sunless tan regardless of the products you’re using.


Self Tanning Prep - Original Dove Beauty Bar

For best results, you should always apply to just-cleaned skin! When I’m showering with self tanning prep in mind, I use a mild soap like classic Dove (which is what I use in the shower most of the time anyway). Some of the richer, creamier body washes contain oils (great for ultra-moisturizing, not great for self tanning prep). While you’re at it…



…at least the areas you wish to tan with coarser hair, such as the lower legs. Don’t feel like you need to shave everywhere – for instance, I don’t shave my forearms; the hair that grows there is fine and light.. If you wax or have removed the hair via a laser device, you get to skip this – lucky you! Still, you need to…


Self Tanning Prep - Eco Tools Shower Gloves

While in the shower, exfoliate your skin to remove any dry or errant patches. Sunless tanner works best when everything is smooth; otherwise you risk a patchy or muddy application. No product can prevent it – you simply have to do your due-diligence. I use a pair of scrubby shower gloves or a sugar- or salt-based scrub. If your scrub has oils (many do!), you might want to do this before you suds up to remove any oils.

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Products I Love But Don’t Always Use

Just because a product is good, or even great, doesn’t mean I’m always up for exerting the effort to use it. I could easily title this post, “Products I Love But Don’t Routinely Make Time For…Because Sleep.

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade

Dipbrow, for instance. Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade is fantastic. I’m still a loyal user, but I don’t use it daily. I simply don’t always have enough time, or bothers to give, to sit there in front of a mirror sculpting my brows with a brush. It is possible to use this product in a hurry, but I’m usually seeking a different look.


Sephora Teint Infusion Ethereal Natural is so gorgeous. The finish is wonderful. It is not, however, remotely forgiving to the smallest hint of atypical texture – be it dryness or flaky skin. It requires me to pay a little more attention to my skin before use and during application; not a bad thing, I’m just not always up for it.


udfbombRed Lipstick (any). I love reds and close-to-red shades; they’re bold and empowering. That said, I usually wear MLBB shades for two reasons – one, they’re flattering and two, they’re effortless. You have to be trying to mess them up, right? But red (like UD F-Bomb or even bold, close-to-red pinks like UD Catfight) requires attentiveness. Depending on your poison, you may or may not need lip liner, but applying without a mirror is out of the question. KvD Foiled Love Lipstick in Adora (now discontinued, but I believe Adora is available in the Studded Kiss formula now) is life, but I can’t slap it on haphazardly running out the door.


Products I Love But Don't Always Use

Pigments are delightfully fun! I only own four – three from NYX, and Rushmetal from MAC (from that whole Glambot thing). Anyone who has ever used loose pigments can tell you, however, that there is no such thing as, “really quick,” with them. Application takes more steps, fallout is a thing, cleanup of your workspace will always be a thing. I only really end up using these for special occasions as a result.

Maybelline Gel Liner


Gel liner is my favorite, but most days, I’m using dark eyeshadow to define my lashline. I need at least three minutes to apply it, more if I’m doing something, “fun,” like wings or flicks.

I really enjoy all of these things, but in my normal, run-of-the-mill, day-to-day life I can’t pull it all off. I’ll often do one of these things on a weekday, but being as that I wake up at 5:45, I’m desperate for all the sleep I can get!