Vs Non Conditioning Shampoo

Do you read your product bottles? Have you ever noticed a shampoo bottle that says something like:

Rebuilds hair with 4x the damage prevention*

But four times…what, exactly?

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But Don’t You Want a Little More Color?


If you had a dime for every time some well-meaning friend, family member, or beauty-counter employee told you they were going to help, “give you a little more color,” (likely with a mismatched foundation shade), would you have enough money to buy an Urban Decay Vault?

I’m not surprised.

The US, for a while, had an obsession with warm, medium, bronze-y skin. It’s why the self-tanner industry, to which I contribute, is comically massive. It’s why tanning beds, which are horrifically bad for your long-term health, are so damn popular in spite of the well documented and shared risks. I’ve said before that I think I am flattered more by my skin in its tan-ish state – but I don’t know if that’s a sincerely held thought or if it’s influenced by the society in which I live. Perhaps a bit of both, but I can’t truly ever know.

We all know what ultra-fair skintones accepting being, ‘given a little more color’ can end up as – a complexion that looks orange, dirty, or just flat-out too tan. None of those looks do favors for anyone! I’m not discouraging you, if you do want a little more color, from seeking it – but there’s a way to do it. and buying NC35 when you’re NW10 is not it. And if you don’t speak MAC, this photo of swatches that Soundly Sensible Beauty shared will clear it up for you:

MAC Studio Fix Foundation Swatches from Soundly Sensible Beauty - 'But don't you ~want~ a little more color?'photo from & credit to Soundly Sensible Beauty


I find that this sort of thing comes from friends who have been influenced by, “gurus.” While YouTube beauty gurus can often produce makeup that suits them, many of them are not makeup artists. Many of them are not familiar with color theory, or working on face shapes or features dissimilar to their own.

It isn’t uncommon to see the selection of a shade too dark or tan for them. Just say no.


If you’re a beauty salesperson, you should assume your customer wants something matches them unless they say express a desire for a little more color.

Shopping for foundation is, in itself, is an agonizing process. If your salesperson is trying to push you into an obviously too dark shade because, “but don’t you want a little more color to warm you up?” you do not have to accept.

In most cases (not all, of course) I’ve witnessed, they mean well – they assume everyone endeavors to fit into that popular aesthetic. This is either because a) that aesthetic appeals to them or 2) a ton of their clientele requests it. If they make this assumption, politely decline and tell them something like, “This one isn’t for me. I am looking to match my skin tone and don’t want to modify it.”


  • Apologize for your skintone. (Folks of color, this overall topic may not mean as much for you – but this single point does. Your skin is not an inconvenience for which you should apologize!)
  • Apologize for declining a sale of a clearly wrong product – even if your salesperson is sweet as can be and seems to have the best of intentions.
  • Accept continuous suggestions of ‘warm you up’ shades after you have clarified your purpose.
  • Buy something that looks wrong!

It isn’t your responsibility to make a salesperson happy or feel validated. You are a customer, you are paying for products and services. Full stop.

The Bottom Line

Instagram isn’t real life. If you prefer foundation that doesn’t match your skin, more power to you. I’m not arguing with your personal choices, but I am saying that not everyone needs to mimic them. Let our fair-skinned friends embrace their skin.

How to CRUSH Your No Buy or Low Buy

Ready to do more with less for a while? Time for a spending fast? Did you go overboard during the holidays? It doesn’t have to be on beauty purchases – it could be anything.

  • Shopping for family and friends?
  • temporarily blacking out on a, “TREAT YOSELF,” spree?
  • Maybe you’re just ready to shop your stash rather than adding to it for a while.
  • …The reason doesn’t matter.

The result is that you’ve committed to or are considering a No Buy to help you reign it in.  Whatever the reason… If that no buy involves something you really enjoy (as they usually do), you will find your willpower tested.

My top tip for how to crush your no buy (or low buy)?

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Happy New Year! It can be hard to jump back in with both feet after the holidays, so let’s chat. First, thanks for stopping back by in 2017 after I went AWOL for a week. Speaking of you, reader, and things I’m thankful for – that’s today’s post topic.

Four years ago in early 2013, a like-minded friend of mine and I were slacking off and shopping for tanning lotion (the tanning bed kind, ugh. It was before my mom received her diagnosis and me my wake-up-call). Tanning bed lotions are, by far, the worst products in terms of ludicrous claims. We came across Conceited, which months later ended up being the very first product I posted about and criticized on this blog. As it turns out, the beauty industry has a lot of opportunity for improvement in the marketing department.

From Sarcasm to the Stars

This blog, which began as the result of a joke, is still alive over three years later. Beauty Skeptic is still a one-woman show. Aside from the occasional content with guest input (like the silver hair, or the couple posts I’ve bugged my husband to contribute to) I write everything. I handle finances. I manage the server in its entirety; I am webmaster, sysadmin, DBA, and more. I talk to brands on the rare occasion they want to talk to the blog. In fact, the only thing I’ve ever had someone do for me was my logo – I hired Tara, threw a wall of text at her about my vision that I couldn’t create because I’m about as artistic as a frostbitten, dented acorn; and she delivered last Spring. I had gone over two years without proper branding. Oops.

(lack of) Social (media) Graces

I’m horrible at social media. I recognize and dig that it is a powerful tool for brands and content creators to connect with their audience. In the last three months I’ve had in-depth conversations about the crucial nature of a web presence and social media presence for their business. I get it…but I suck at executing it. I try, but despite being a millennial, it doesn’t come naturally to me. If I had to rank them, I’d say I have the easiest time with Twitter, I basically auto-post everything to Facebook and don’t touch it otherwise (oops), and I am the worst ever with Instagram (oops). I will never have a Snapchat. I don’t feel comfortable on camera, so I can’t see a YouTube channel in my future. In spite of all this, I managed to accrue some social media followers. Maybe some just followed for a giveaway and never bothered to unfollow when they didn’t win. Either way.

On Consistency

I might suck at and be flaky with social media, but I am consistent here. I post three times per week at the same time of day. I’m not perfect, but hit the mark far more than I miss it (though I do wish I had some stats to track this). The consistent, steady traffic I receive allows me to leverage some minor ads and affiliate links that in turn pay the server and domain bills that host this site. I am not profiting off of Beauty Skeptic, nor do I have any desire to at this time. This is a hobby blog, a labor of love, and I am not for sale. It is nice, though, to reduce the costs associated with this hobby (especially because this, like many hobbies, isn’t cheap).

Mind … Blown

Somehow, incredibly, people visit and read what I post here. Beauty Skeptic has subscribers. The site gets between 10,000 and 11,000 unique visitors and almost 14,000 pageviews per month. How impressive this is is, of course, subjective – but I’m fairly blown-away by it. Like who the hell am I to have 14,000 pageviews per month? Admittedly, I’m not always very good at inspiring you guys to comment, but I try like hell to respond in a meaningful fashion when you do. Likewise, I’m still learning SEO; I don’t think I’m good at it, but I think I’m doing okay. I’m still figuring out how to make my content easier to find for people who wish to do so.

This might just be a hobby blog, but I do treat it like another job of mine at this point. I have established what readers should expect from Beauty Skeptic. As a type-A, goal-driven chick, failing to do this is letting myself down just as much you. I work hard on Beauty Skeptic, so…


for reading, subscribing or following, commenting, sharing my content, etc.

I hope you had a most excellent holiday and that 2017 finds you in good health and good cheer. Please stop back on Wednesday to check out my December 2016 Favorites!

Sensationail Starter Kit Winner & Saturnalia 2016

The winner of last week’s Sensationail Starter Kit giveaway, Nicole, has been contacted. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. As much as I love gold and bronze eyeshadow, if I had to select a single thing as my favorite beauty product, that would be it.


As for me, I have some rare, precious time off from work, which recently became even more valuable due to a promotion I earned. I have therefore decided to give myself some grace and throw caution, responsibility, and general adulting to the wind for a week. In reality, I’ll still be working on Beauty Skeptic, but a week free of deadlines does a lot for the creative spirit.

I hope your preferred flavor of winter holidays, secular or religious, are most excellent. Regrettably, I still haven’t figured out how to get a Festivus pole in my apartment; I didn’t even manage to get my wee secular Christmas tree up this year. It’s been busy since Thanksgiving.

Please do be smart and safe on New Years’ Eve. If you will be celebrating in the customary fashion, arrange transportation (that you are not the driver of!) in advance. In a pinch, there are TONS of resources for free or discounted safe rides. Lyft and Uber offered services of this nature around Thanksgiving, and various AAA chapters do, too. Please do your homework before going to have fun.

Content will return Monday, January 2, 2017. See you then.