Refinery29 on Interview Makeup

This is a legacy post commenting on Refinery29’s Interview Makeup article. My content has been given a facelift; it has been edited for clarity and ease-of-reading, but is ultimately the same. I winced as I re-read it and the article that inspired it. WTF.

The other day I was reading various beauty-related articles when I came across this one from Refinery29 discussing Skype or other video-call interviews. Seeing the title, I was intrigued – this could be pretty useful to a lot of people these days.

The Players

The Refinery29 article is filled with advice solicited from Michelle Phan, Nic from Pixiwoo/Real Techniques, and Deepica Mutyala; a blogger/vlogger I was unfamiliar with until I read. I’m not a regular Refinery29 reader, but was looking forward to the content.

Knowing Your Interview Audience

It starts off with sound advice from Mutyala – that you should understand who you’ll be interviewing with. Obviously, if you are interviewing in a traditionally very conservative field, like law, you need to keep your makeup understated and very safe. Advancing to the topic of lighting, she makes a point to share that thoughtful lighting is key to a web conference-style interview. It’s no secret that cameras tend to pick things up a little differently than our eyes tend to on our own – webcams, especially ones built-in to your laptop’s lid, are certainly no exception. Throw in a less-than-ideal lighting arrangement, and people could use some help presenting themselves professionally – so this is good stuff, so far.

Keep the Focus on You, Not Your Surroundings

Nic (who is, if you don’t know, a professional makeup artist) continues that your environment is important. Your background and surroundings should be distraction-free. If you’re trying to convince a company that you’re the best candidate you don’t want to give them the opportunity to judge by random clothing or items strewn about in the background. You may not think these mean much, but this can say a lot to prospective employers, like:

  • You lack attention to detail.
  • You lack solid situational judgment and, perhaps, discretion.
  • Professionalism is not a priority for you.

–while these may not be true of you, those are interpretations that can and will be made. Why give them the opportunity to doubt you?

She talks about the angle of your camera, too, which I thought was good. Practice with it until it is positioned appropriately!

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Clothing Imitates Makeup – Urban Decay Electric

Have you ever seen a piece of clothing that is so representative of something else (like…makeup) that it makes you do a double-take? Today, I did.


This is the Milly Lou Lou Sheath in Tokyo Floral Print. If it strikes your heart in some kind of way, Off 5th has it for under $80 (down from $300+).

Far from fashionable or trendy, I stumbled across this dress entirely on accident and immediately thought,

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Real Techniques Sculpting Set Giveaway

The holiday season is kicking my butt. You may have noticed that I didn’t publish content on Friday. I’ve been neck-deep in a project at work that had heavy last-minute involvement last week. I’m talking, working my usual 9.5 hour workday then come home and work until 10 or 11 PM. Intense. No time to make finishing touches on posts I had waiting in the wings. Fortunately, that project culminates on Tuesday!

And then it is only normal holiday madness to contend with. Thankfully, my shopping is already done. ANYWAY.

We all need a little grace sometimes and I can’t overstate how much I appreciate you bearing with my occasional blips in consistency! I’m shifting my November 2017 Favorites to this Friday, December 8 but will have content on Wednesday. In the meantime, what better time to kick off a holiday giveaway?


TWO lucky winners will receive a Real Techniques Sculpting Set. This brush trio features their:

  • Sculpting Brush – If you aren’t a contour wizard (I’m not!) then this brush makes achieving a nice natural-looking contour foolproof. It’s lovely for blush, too. It is one of my favorite brushes.
  • Fan Brush – I use this most often to whisk away eyeshadow fallout but it is nice for powder highlight, too. I just don’t tend to use powder highlight that often!
  • Setting Brush – Love this for the under-eye area. I pick up a bit of my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder with this and sweep it on to effortlessly set my concealer.

plus a brush cup to store your tools. I own each of these brushes and really enjoy them, so I was excited to see them being sold in a convenient value set (if not a little miffled that I bought these brushes individually back in the day, LOL).

Real Techniques Sculpting Set Details & Entry

Details on how to enter after the jump!

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Glambot Batch Verification

This is a legacy post that has been giving a formatting facelift. I still feel very strongly about Glambot given this unsavory experience with them – three years later, I feel the same about not recommending them. If you weren’t around in 2014, here’s what went down.

Initially, I didn’t get much of a response from Glambot on their product intake and batch verification procedures I was seeking.

But I do now.

I reached out to Glambot and asked if they could clarify their team has some special batch verification process to see whether or not products are past their prime.

Glambot’s initial response, copied-and-pasted:

From our experience, MAC lipsticks loose their initial vanilla scent in about 1-3 years.  The exact amount of time varies with the specific color but I do believe that frost finishes, including those that have any trace of a metallic sheen, loose their vanilla scent the quickest.  Although we do not cross-reference each item’s batch number, we do handle customers concerns individually, as they come.

Well, losing a nice scent and becoming intolerable are two different things. MAC Cosmo is an amplified creme finish so the frosty/metallic information isn’t relevant. The vanilla wasn’t as strong as my new tube of Brave; even if it had no smell that would be one thing, but this was pungent. Not something I could stand to wear even not thinking it had expired.

Also – each item that comes in does not receive Glambot batch verification? Does that mean some some items do? I wasn’t sure; it was worded ambiguously.

Following Up

I followed-up, detailing my experience with my tube of MAC Cosmo I purchased from them back in June. It was reported to be in good condition, 80-100% full.

When I received it, it smelled okay, but between then and now it turned to a familiar foul, cheap-crayon scent. It is common knowledge that when lipsticks experience drastic changes like that, they are probably expired.

They came back asking how I store my lipsticks. I store them upright, away from light and heat in a closed drawer in a room that does not have significant temperature variance. They replied that I was, “doing everything right,” but left it at that.

Taking Matters into My Own Hands

At this point, I checked the batch number myself as it was clear to me that there was no interest in that on their end.

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Broken ColourPop Pans

Recently, ColourPop entered a distribution arrangement with Sephora.  Now, its more accessible to the masses who didn’t want to only order directly from ColourPop, pay shipping, etc. If you have Sephora Flash, you don’t pay shipping at all past the $10 annual fee.

Heard it Secondhand

Seeing as I have enough eyeshadow to probably last my entire life, I’m not looking to add any to my collection even if they’re cute and accessible and inexpensive. So this isn’t my experience. I’ve never used ColourPop in my life.

A colleague of mine was looking for a pretty, low-effort shade that could be quickly swiped across the lids in the morning. Like me, she doesn’t have time (or the bothers to give) for a full face She ultimately chose a Colorpop shade.


What’s more sad than a shattered pan of eyeshadow?

A shattered palette well, also true but a brand new shattered pan of eyeshadow.

Disappointed in her broken ColourPop shadow, she reached out to Sephora. They pleasantly chirped that they’d send another out. At what seemed like long last, that other arrived…

…also shattered.

Quality Control

I wasn’t sure if the broken ColourPop shadows were a thing or if it was just bad luck. I took to the internet to see what other consumers were saying.

–unfortunately, it’s a thing.

That, “thing,” predates ColourPop’s relationship with Sephora. Blogs and Reddit are awash with tales similar to hers. Some customers had tales of remarkably unfortunate customer service from ColourPop themselves. There are YouTube videos dedicated to, “How to Fix ColourPop Shadows!” in the first few Google results if you search, “shattered colourpop pans,” which is mindblowing.

Shameless Fripperies has a nice photo demonstrating the type of carnage my colleague received. Check out her review here.

What gives, ColourPop? I know the shadows retail for like $5. That’s awesome! But if you can count on more pans arriving damaged than not, that is a major quality control issue.

The Bottom Line

It’s nice to know it isn’t Sephora’s fault. I don’t understand, though, why they’d strike up a distribution deal with a company whose product is so fragile. Frankly, it’s embarrassing.

As for me, I wasn’t in the market for eyeshadow anyway – but reading all of these disappointing accounts doesn’t make me eager to buy one. I never want to buy a product expecting to have to do repair work!

Have you tried ColourPop eyeshadows? Do you find them to be worth it in spite of these clear quality control issues?