Starter Shadow Brush Giveaway

Shadow Brush Giveaway

I firmly believe you can have too many palettes, but I’m a little more flexible on brushes. Although I love my prestige brushes, good brushes don’t have to set you back a crazy amount. Real Techniques makes a ton of nice ones; I’ve written about them here and here, and more here. Last December, I gave some away. Now, I’m giving more away.

Good brushes don’t stay good unless you keep them clean, too. Whether you like to create elaborate, multi-shade looks or are just lazy like I am, you need all the help you can get so I’m giving away this Vera Mona dupe from J.Cat Beauty.

Enter my Shadow Brush Giveaway after the jump!

Starter Eye Bundle (Real Techniques Brush Duo + JCat Beauty Dry Brush Cleaner)

5 thoughts on “Starter Shadow Brush Giveaway

  1. My favourite brush is probably just a basic no-name brand brush I use for finishing powder that was part of a set that a friend gave me for my birthday, years ago. It gets the job done!

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