Real Techniques Sculpting Set Giveaway

The holiday season is kicking my butt. You may have noticed that I didn’t publish content on Friday. I’ve been neck-deep in a project at work that had heavy last-minute involvement last week. I’m talking, working my usual 9.5 hour workday then come home and work until 10 or 11 PM. Intense. No time to make finishing touches on posts I had waiting in the wings. Fortunately, that project culminates on Tuesday!

And then it is only normal holiday madness to contend with. Thankfully, my shopping is already done. ANYWAY.

We all need a little grace sometimes and I can’t overstate how much I appreciate you bearing with my occasional blips in consistency! I’m shifting my November 2017 Favorites to this Friday, December 8 but will have content on Wednesday. In the meantime, what better time to kick off a holiday giveaway?


TWO lucky winners will receive a Real Techniques Sculpting Set. This brush trio features their:

  • Sculpting Brush – If you aren’t a contour wizard (I’m not!) then this brush makes achieving a nice natural-looking contour foolproof. It’s lovely for blush, too. It is one of my favorite brushes.
  • Fan Brush – I use this most often to whisk away eyeshadow fallout but it is nice for powder highlight, too. I just don’t tend to use powder highlight that often!
  • Setting Brush – Love this for the under-eye area. I pick up a bit of my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder with this and sweep it on to effortlessly set my concealer.

plus a brush cup to store your tools. I own each of these brushes and really enjoy them, so I was excited to see them being sold in a convenient value set (if not a little miffled that I bought these brushes individually back in the day, LOL).

Real Techniques Sculpting Set Details & Entry

Details on how to enter after the jump!

Maybe you want to expand your brush collection. Maybe you’re still working on holiday shopping and have a makeup fan on your list. Whatever your reason, enter below! Giveaway wraps up (I’m not sorry) on December 15 at midnight EST. Winners will be announced by Sunday, December 17 at 5:00 PM EST.

If giveaways aren’t your thing and you don’t want to wait or chance it, you can pick up the Real Techniques Sculpting Set for $20 here. Be sure to take advantage of coupons, sales, and eBates! If you DO want to enter (I mean, you should, even if you plan on just buying one. Then you’ll have two sets and can give one to a loved one!), use the Widget below.

Real Techniques Sculpting Set Giveaway

15 thoughts on “Real Techniques Sculpting Set Giveaway

  1. My favorite tradition is our Christmas morning treasure hunt.
    We started it with our boys when they were little and now they have it for our grandchildren. It starts with a clue left under their pillows. They follow it to the next clue, and so on, until they find the special gift at the end of the treasure hunt.
    I think they look forward to it as much as seeing what Santa left and opening their gifts from under the tree.

    • Love this, it’s so cute! My family did one gift on Christmas Eve as well, but it was usually a gift from, say, the grandparents. :)

  2. My favourite tradition is enjoying a lazy, cozy Christmas day around the house with family! You eat what you want, when you want to. You nap as much as you want to. You indulge in spiked eggnog. #goals

  3. My favorite tradition is the kids/grandkids waking up each adult on Christmas morning. Then waiting oh so patiently for Grandpa to check to see if Santa arrived. Upon receiving the good word, they bust down the stairs and the mayhem begins! Kahlua and cream and cinnamon rolls don’t hurt either.

    • What?! Waiting patiently for Grandpa to check to see if Santa came – those kids have to be saints. Too funny.

      Also um the food part – yes. Christmas isn’t Christmas without cinnamon rolls. 😍

    • I’ve never made a gingerbread house in my life! I asked my husband to do it together this year and he laughed. It doesn’t help that he isn’t a sweets fan…

  4. Christmas Eve is bigger with Ukrainians than Christmas. It was all about candles, traditional decor, ambiance, 12 different traditional vegan (!) courses, and no one starts to eat until we see the first star in the sky (usually a planet, now that I’m educated). The family sings Christmas carols, and now that we’re in the US, we just gift gifts to each other after we’re done eating. None of us have kids and Santa was more of a December 19th kind of guy. 😌 Then my parents force us to go to church for the Christmas mass and a concert. The church turns down the lights and has the choir and bandurists perform a set of carols. It’s actually quite beautiful, even though I never initially want to go.

  5. I love giving my kids their Christmas PJs to open on Christmas Eve night, then snuggling up for a Christmas movie and hot chocolate.

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