Covergirl So Lashy blast PRO Mascara

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Covergirl So Lashy blast PRO mascara
I recently received a tube of Covergirl So Lashy blast PRO Mascara free for testing purposes courtesy Influenster as a part of their Flawless Voxbox campaign. Unfortunately, the rest of the box was just underwhelming and not worth blogging about (lightly salted snap peas trying to be chips because #healthfood, ‘relaxing epsom salts’ that were supposedly eucalyptus scented but instead reeked of cheap cologne, a tacky nailpolish that Kylie Jenner made, some unfortunate tasting Yogi tea…).

But this mascara was.

Covergirl So Lashy ($9) is the latest in Covergirl’s Lash Blast line and…holy gimmicky wand, Batman, this is nonsense. Clump Crusher ($6) was such a hit (I haven’t tried it, but it’s definitely had a long and passionate moment), and this is so…foolish.

I’m all for drugstore mascara. My current go-to is L’Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black ($7), in fact, but the intensity with which I loathe this wand is palpable.

The Wand

The wand has four, curved sides. Two sides (opposite each other) jut out far further than the adjacent ones. It’s a really unnatural, oval shape that is awkward to work with. Trying to work with the more modest sides leaves me worried I’m going to get mascara all over my face with the exaggerated ones.

The tip features a spiky ball not unlike they’re Real! ($24) by benefit. Unfortunately, unlike benefit’s wand, it picks up WAY too much product – so there goes your tidy lower lash line. Better keep swabs handy.


Due to the awesome wand, application does not go beautifully. It isn’t helped by the formula, though, which I would describe as, “goopy,” even about a week or two after it was opened. The product seems to excel at that clumpy look which is somehow becoming trendy. I find it awkward, personally, and am not interested.

I actually tried using this with a different wand because why let potentially good product go to waste? It still pales in comparison to my favored Telescopic Carbon Black. It required multiple coats (which I HATE) and I still had issues with clumping. Swing and a-miss.

On the upside, it didn’t flake. But what good is that when everything else about applying it sucks?


Covergirl So Lashy blash PRO mascara comes in three colors:

  • Black Brown
  • Black
  • Extreme Black

All three colors are waterproof. Personally, I’m not fond of waterproof mascara for everyday usage.

The Bottom Line

Covergirl So Lashy earned a resounding NOPE from me. I did receive this product for free in exchange for my opinion, but it’s pretty clear that no one is paying me to slam their mascara like that.