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Suave Refresh and Revive

Suave Refresh and Revive
First things first – I received Suave Refresh and Revive Dry Shampoo courtesy of Influenster. I don’t get compensation for writing this post. Anyone can join and qualify for Voxboxes – you receive free product provided you agree to review it.

Suave Refresh and Revive isn’t new to me. I’ve used it before in my quest for a holy grail dry shampoo, but it has been repackaged since I used it last. Honestly, I’m disappointed that I received it instead of one of the other Unilever dry shampoo offerings. My preference would be to try something new to me, but that’s just how things shook out.

Suave Refresh and Revice


The amount of product dispensed when the button atop Suave Refresh and Revive Dry Shampoo is pressed was not up-to-par. It under-performed in comparison with Psssst!, even less so compared to Batiste, and the least compared to KMS Hair Play. Due to this, application took longer than application of the other products did.


Fresh? No. Sweet. Why is everything so sweet?! Although it does certainly help mask any odors your hair may have picked up, this particular dry shampoo is VERY sweet, and VERY strong! The fragrance is not what I would describe as a fresh scent. Did not care for how it smelled, all in all.


Halfway through the day my hair looked flat and limp, again. I had to retouch; something I haven’t had to do with other dry shampoos I’ve used. Unfortunately, it left an ashen cast to my hair as well, even after left to sit for five minutes, rubbed in, then brushed through.

The Bottom Line

As drugstore options go, I would not repurchase Suave Refresh and Revive dry shampoo. It’s more cost effective, yes, but just doesn’t work as well as Psssst or Batiste. If I have to use 2-3x as much, it isn’t worth it. Furthermore, the fragrance is simply too damn strong – for me, it’s nigh unusable. If your hair tends to hang onto smells you’d rather it not, then maybe that would be a plus for you. As I neither work in an industry (like food) or have habits (like smoking) that expose my hair to weird smells, I’ll pass. My top drugstore recommendation is Batiste now, but Psssst is a good second choice.