Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid LipstickMaybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick

It’s been a while since I’ve been a part of an Influenster campaign, but I got into the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick campaign and recently received the product for free to test.

I received two colors. Rebel Red…

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick - Rebel Red

…and Nude Flush.

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick - Nude Flush

To date, my experience with liquid lipstick is minimal. I’ve tried Stila Stay All Day, in the game before it was cool, and I’ve tried NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. The prestige market exploded a couple years ago and became heavily saturated with vibrant tubes of product. As per usual, the drugstore market lags behind, and is only recently catching up (I count NYX as kind of in a league of its own; drugstore price-point, bu t not drugstore quality). The Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick is in a friendly price-point, only $6.49 and eligible for coupons and whatnot.

But enough about market share!


These liquid lipsticks feature a flexible wand applicator that is not a doe-foot. It can be turned sideways to use the narrow edge to line and sculpt, and then turned to fill in with the flat side. It isn’t the easiest applicator I’ve used. I personally prefer a lip brush for the border; this applicator does not give a ton of control.

The majority of liquid lipsticks out there dry to a matte or at least semi-matte finish out of necessity; it was a consequence of the formula, and a side-effect of the longevity they’re loved for. Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick, however, in spite of how it is marketed, does not do that.

As usual, if it’s too good to be true…


Even though it is misleading advertising, I’m not too annoyed. I am annoyed, because what’s so hard about marketing products as they are? BUT the product itself isn’t bad. There’s a reason why I never leapt onto the liquid lipstick bandwagon on my own: I abhor the dryness that accompanies them. I hate how much maintenance they require through the course of the day. I need my makeup to work with me; I don’t apply it, spend one hour taking selfies, and then wash it off.

Although I got around three hours of wear, Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick never fully set to a matte finish. It is a plush, moussey texture that goes on glossy and remains that way – which I think is nice because it does not insist on drawing attention to, say, dryness or lip lines. After an hour or two it achieves a satin finish, but can bleed a little (so definitely use liner). Per Maybelline you’re supposed to blot with a tissue to achieve a matte finish.

Then why the heck are you marketing this as a matte lipstick?!

Literally any lipstick can be blotted with a tissue to mattify it. If I were purchasing this product because it is advertised as a matte lipstick, I want to apply it and have it be matte. End of story!

They’re easy to remove and do not require one of three precious genie-from-a-lamp wishes to remove.


I’ve only tried the two. Both are opaque in a single coat, but are truer to the tube with two. Rebel Red is a true red that leans ever-so-slightly warm on me, but I think it would be flattering on most skintones.

Nude Flush is harder to work with and does not flatter my NC20(ish) skin very well because it is a cool, mid-tone, nude pink. It makes me look sallow, unfortunately. Someone who is cooler toned and fairer than I would probably be flattered by it.

The Bottom Line

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick is definitely not matte, but it is vivid. In addition to its richness and opacity, it is by far the most comfortable liquid lipstick I’ve tried. You are not going to get a matte finish unless you take additional steps, and it isn’t ultra-long wearing; both are the consequences of the comfortable formula. If I were in the market for more liquid lipsticks, I would repurchase these and do recommend them to others with the understanding that they are not as they are marketed.