Urban Decay F-Bomb lipstickGood things have to come to an end. But when I picked up Urban Decay F-Bomb a few weeks ago, I got a second tube. Not as a backup – I take twelve years to go to through lipsticks! Seeing this gorgeous color and formula on its way out (even though the Vice formula is supposed to be better) hurt my heart, so I wanted to share the glory.

Urban Decay F-Bomb SwatchesUrban Decay F-Bomb

Even if red is too bold for your tastes for normal wear, it’s a great classic to have in your lipstick wardrobe. I really think Urban Decay did a great job with the Revolution formula, so I hope that the new Vice formula is in fact an improvement.

This is not a drill. This was meant to be posted today, Tuesday, May 31! Enter to win one Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in F-Bomb via the widget below. This giveaway only runs through June 7, 2016 so be sure to get your entries in!

Urban Decay F-Bomb Lipstick Giveaway

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  1. I do wear sunscreen when i am out in the sun for a period of time. I do it to protect my skin from getting burnt.

  2. I do wear sunscreen as I do not want those brown blotches the sun can give you. If I am working out in my yard I will wear a very large brimmed hat instead of sunscreen on my face as it always ends up in my eyes which really hurts.

    • Sunscreen in the eyes does hurt! My Mom takes a similar approach, though I do think she wears sunscreen on her face just not close to her eyes during yardwork.

  3. My husband having Melanoma has us convinced to wear sunscreen everyday, even in the winter.

    • I’m sorry to hear that, Tammy – that’s really scary. Unfortunately it took a family scare to wake me up, too. All we can do is be better than we were before. :)

  4. I def. wear sunscreen when I know I’m going to out in it, I am a red head with pale skin. I need to get better at putting it on every day… because I know even small exposure like while driving and walking to the car add up.

    • Car exposure definitely adds up! After all, look at how many people have, “driving tans,” even by the end of May!

  5. Yes I do wear sunscreen because I believe that it really protects my skin from the UV radiation!

    • It’s hard to be perfect about it, especially after a lifetime of being lackadaisical about it (which was me, all the way). I fail to apply sometimes; I just have to work on my mindfulness towards it!

  6. I rely on my foundation sunscreen most days, but do wear a sunscreen underneath on days when I actually get to see the sun. Today is one of those days when I will have to step out of my work building during daylight hours. I work too much..

  7. I do wear sunscreen, although I’m awful at applying it! I always forget and then get burnt lol. But I do wear it most of the time as there is skin cancer in my family

  8. I do wear sunscreen and use foundation with a little bit of protection. In your 30’s the wrinkles are close by.

  9. Sometimes I do if my moisturizer already has it in it. I’m hardly ever in the sun, but I know that I still need to wear it everyday.

  10. When I know I’m going to be in the sun for an extended period of time, yes, but I should be less lackadaisical about it.

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