Chatter: Seasons of Beauty

Once upon a time, well before writing this blog was even a glimmer of consideration in my mind, I was a nail fiend. I had a completely unreasonable amount of nail polish, I was painting 2-4 times per week, and nail art was my norm (at risk of being that guy, here) before it was cool. Every one of my DIY manicures had nail art. Sometimes on just 1-2 nails per hand, sometimes each finger.

Usually my nails featured original designs, but sometimes recreations of things I’d seen online – definitely did cutepolish’s Pikachu manicure (from before she showed her face in her videos, talk about a throwback) because like any 90s kid, I have this strange compulsion to do silly nostalgic things. I became skillful with an orangewood stick, dotting tool, and those surprisingly annoying long, skinny brushes in the detailer polish bottles.

And then, somewhere, that ended. I moved on to other things, entered other seasons of beauty. I still painted my nails, and was still a perfectionist about it, but I wasn’t going crazy with it. I’m not sure why, but if I had to guess it would be the introduction of gel polish to my life (still a really great present, husband), which enabled me to spend about an hour on my nails once every 7-14 (if lucky) days. Nail art is still possible with gel (and some people make incredible designs!), but I’m just not into that right now. 

Since I was old enough to convince my mom to buy me skincare goop, I’ve been paying attention to my skin. Those silly (albeit effective) peel off cucumber masques, St Ives Apricot Scrub (in the tub!), pHisoderm (how I miss you..), and Clean & Clear Morning Burst (the original is no longer sold) moisturizer. This has been a constant since around 12 or so – so this is a long season of beauty. I don’t see this changing any time soon. The products have, the attention won’t.

When I first started exploring cosmetics in earnest (a new season of beauty for me), I went insane. I wanted ALL the things. Because I was starting from scratch, I spent a good bit of money building my kit. Really, that isn’t uncommon for people who are only testing the waters for the first time in their twenties (or… really, starting any new hobby). I wanted winged liner every day, and through that daily practice, managed to achieve it consistently. I wanted golden, dimensional lids, flawless skin. I was slapping the paint on gleefully every day because I wanted to, and because I was having fun.

I joined a community for makeup lovers and made friends. I’ve learned so much! I can competently paint my face (except contouring which I am still horrible at), but because I’m happy with where my skills are and wit he products I own, I don’t feel like I need to get ALL the things to find what works for me, now. (Don’t worry – that doesn’t mean I’m not trying and reviewing things. But there was a season where I accumulated a lot of product very quickly). I’m still having fun with beauty, but I’ve settled down and I’m not in a product-hype-fueled daze. I’m taking more time to research products, and prefer to buy things I’m almost certain will bring me joy (getting a little KonMari here).

Sometimes, a season of beauty is predictable. For instance, in summer, I rarely take the dryer to my hair…but in winter, probably 3 out of 4 shampoos culminate in a blow dry to some extent. I use sunless tanner in Spring and Summer, but I don’t really bother in Autumn and Winter. Others may not bother with pedicures except in sandal season since their feet are always hidden.

Do you find that you to through phases or seasons of beauty? Are they predictable and based on the calendar year, or entirely dependent on your whims?