Feeling Put Together

I think it is a fair assumption that many of us have something that, regardless of everything else, makes us feel more put together.

For some women, it’s their hair. A good hair day means they can take on the world. I don’t blame them.

For some, it’s a badass pair of shoes. Pumps, boots, whatever makes your heart sing.

For others, it’s flawless makeup or a certain fragrance.

For others still, it might be a particular handbag or other accessory.

Maybe it’s just that first coffee of the day; it doesn’t have to be appearance-oriented.

Feeling Put TogetherA good manicure always makes me feel put together – polish or not!

For me, it’s a manicure. At one point that meant polish, always. Now it doesn’t necessarily. It’s a DIY beauty ritual – I don’t often get salon manicures. If my nails are in good order, I feel better. Having great hair helps, though I’m admittedly content to clip it up or throw it in a messy bun (I should be better than that, but styling just isn’t in my skillset).

What makes you feel put together? Think about it, and then treat yourself to it!

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