Chatter: More Often than Not, Makeup is For the Wearer

If you’re a makeup fancier, you’ve probably heard some form of commentary or sass from someone about your facepaint. Before jumping immediately to unbridled rage, consider the intent.

Maybe they’re well-meaning and earnestly think you’re positively stunning without makeup and just can’t relate to why you’d want to.

“You don’t need makeup, you’re beautiful!”

You (wearer) don’t need to justify it, but understand that not everyone means to be a judgmental dick about it, and try to give some of the well-meaning individuals some grace.

And, unfortunately, sometimes people really are just judgmental dicks.

Those people suck, and what they need to understand is that it is not correct to assume that someone else wearing makeup is not for their (sucky jerk person’s) enjoyment.

Some people might indeed do it to please others. But it is ridiculous to assume that

  1. someone is doing it for you (full of yourself, much?) and
  2. that you have any goddamn place speaking up about not liking it when you have not been asked your opinion.

You’re entitled to your opinion, yes. You’re entitled to express yourself, too. But that also makes you entitled to the consequences of being a dick about it.

It’s okay not to care for makeup. It’s okay to prefer people bare-faced. That does not make you a jerk!
Being a jerk about it makes you a jerk.

We don’t have to justify why we enjoy makeup. If you’re someone we care about, we will (well, at least I will – I can’t speak for others) try to help you understand that for many of us, this is a hobby. I do it because I happen to enjoy having bronze eyelids, not because I’m trying to impress people. A stranger or coworker speaking out of turn and being nasty does not get that same consideration.

I comprehend that some people think the use of cosmetics is, “false advertising.” I also comprehend that some people think that makeup wearers use it as a crutch for misplaced self-confidence. I won’t say neither of these things ever happen; I’m know they do.

But you know what doesn’t help? Being a dick.

A lot of it is in how you approach it. If you approach someone nicely with genuine curiosity, they’re often more than happy to share. You’ll find this to be the case with most hobbies, really. If you approach someone only hoping to criticize and be a dick, you aren’t going to get whatever stupid, selfish results you’re demanding.

Some of us just happen to find getting all Bob Ross on our faces to be fun and relaxing. It more often than not has nothing to do with anyone else.

It’s a week ’til Christmas. I hope you’re having a joyful holiday season. In the meantime, I’ll uncharacteristically leave you with a lyric that gives me some hope when people are being disappointing/exasperating/exhausting:

There’s more human beings that’d rather give you a hug
than hurt you, so don’t let the evil concern you