CLOSED: Clarisonic Mia Holiday Giveaway

It isn’t the holiday season yet, but thinking about gifts (for others or uh, for yourself), doesn’t need to wait as long as your decor does.

My happiness with my Clarisonic Mia2 is well-documented. If I were to need to repurchase, I’d save a few dollars and get a Clarisonic Mia rather than the Mia2; a slower speed isn’t going to help sensitive skin as much as simply lowering usage would.

So because every now and then it’s nice to treat yourself and because this would also make a great gift for someone else, I’m hosting a Clarisonic Mia Holiday Giveaway! The giveaway will run from today through November 15 at 11:59 PM EST; you can find the full details and rules in the widget, below.

By the way, neither this post nor this giveaway are sponsored. I purchased the prize myself and am doing all the work myself.

Clarisonic Mia Holiday Giveaway

To enter, check out the widget and follow its prompts. One of the things it is going to ask is to let me know in the comments what your Halloween plans are/were. Will/Did you pass out candy? Will/Did you dress up? Will/Did you keep the lights off and pretend you weren’t home (no judgment)?

Clarisonic Mia Holiday Giveaway

Good luck!

265 thoughts on “CLOSED: Clarisonic Mia Holiday Giveaway

  1. We live on an acreage and no kids come around as they stick to going in town so I would take my candy to a friend’s and pass it out while my kids were out trick or treating. This year we will not be going out for Halloween as neither my husband or I care to dress up.

  2. I live out of town, so we don’t get any trick or treaters to pass candy to. I’ll probably just sit home, like any other night.

  3. My fiance and I are going to an 80s prom murder mystery party…I scored a secondhand fuchsia satin strapless dress and I’m going to crimp my hair for 80s realness.

  4. Me being a typical booze hound will be going drinking dressed up in a costume. I’m reusing my one from last year which was a Red Riding Hood costume. Halloween is my favourite day of the year so I’m really looking forward to it. I plan to make vodka glitter jelly in a skull mould. We dont get púcas as we live in a small estate with security gates and no kids can get in which is a pity. In my old house we’d get some and then just sit on the wall handing money out to any púcas going by which was fun as my landlord hated them and used to hide in her bedroom with all the lights off

  5. I am not planning to dress up. I am planning to bring my son downtown to go trick or treating with his friends. I have not had a trick or treater here in 9 years.

  6. I live behind big security gates with no way that I know of leaving them open. In past years I’ve sat out the wall passing out sweets and money ( in Ireland we call trick or treater Púca’s so we do penny for the Púcas) but this year is a Saturday so I will be trick or treating in the pub dressed up as usual. Halloween is my fave day of the year so I always have a halloween party the closest Saturday and then go to the local club as they normally have Halloween parties.

  7. Thankfully we live in a small apartment building with NO KIDS! So we get to keep all the candy for our damned selves… I might dress up, since I’ll be dressing up for a work function the day before, but most likely Future Husband and I will binge-watch something on Netflix and gorge ourselves of candy as we drown under a mountain of fun-sized wrappers :P.

  8. I plan on going trick or treating with my family early and then hopefully pass out candy to visitors. I am not sure if I will dress up.

  9. My friends and I like to carve pumpkins…we always like challenging each other who will carve out the best looking pumpkin. We also like watching spooky movies like Vacancy.

  10. I wanted to take my kids trick or treating, but my mother passed away unexpectedly. So I will be traveling to our home state, NY, from TX to attend her memorial service and I will miss trick or treating.

  11. My husband Stayed home to pass out candy.The rest of us went uptown to Halloween on the square.We went on a fun hayride among other things.

  12. We didn’t hand out candy as we are doing renovations on our house and we can’t really stop. XD So I sanded all day, then ate a candy bar. There was so much dust though, that I looked like a ghost.

  13. I handed out candy dressed up as little red riding hood and then had a Halloween Hollywood Game Night with all my friends!

  14. This was the first year the kids didn’t trick or treat. My daughter went to a Halloween party, while my son stayed home & helped me pass out candy at the door!

  15. my girls stayed in with grandma and my husband and I went to my bestfriends stag n doe. I am in the wedding party so we all dressed as Pink ladies from Grease and my hubby went as wolverine

  16. I didn’t dress up but we did hand out candy and only had 1 trick or treater! Needless to say there is a lot of left over candy!

  17. Wanted to watch horror movies with popcorn, (popcorn addict ) but worked all day and was to tired, somehow fell asleep no idea when.

  18. I took my 8 year old son out trick or treating! He was a ninja, while I just did some Halloween makeup (living dead girl maybe?). We got treats to hand out but hubby had to work late and we were out trick or treating so didn’t get to hand them out :(

  19. I take the kids out they were 2 witches,devil,and my grand daughter was a cat , my 2 teenage sons handed out candy when they heard the door and i gave the rest out when i got back

  20. I did not dress up, but my child did. We went to a friend’s home to trick or treat and also had a party. Was a fun, but late night.

  21. No one ever comes to our house to trick or treat, it’s too difficult to get there. So we took our kids out to my brother-in-laws street. All of us dressed up and everyone had a blast!

  22. We passed out dog treats at the shelter, then gave out candy to the trick or treaters – carved pumpkins and loved watching the kids in their costumes

  23. I dressed up like a banana because my youngest dressed as a Minion and Minions LOVE bananas! I trick or treated with my boys. My 6 year old was a firetruck! Hubby handed out the candies!

  24. I literally did absolutely nothing on Halloween! Nobody even came by my apartment to get candy and I didn’t dress up or go to any parties this year.

  25. We passed out candy, but didn’t dress up. One Gothy girl liked my black top with the black lace, so I guess I looked a little gothy. I plan to do more decorating next year.

  26. Usually I watch Halloween movies with my son because they are too old to trick and treat. However, in the past I enjoyed creating costumes with them based on materials we had around the house.

  27. I took my little brother and his friend trick or treating, so we were rather the ones receiving the candy instead of passing them out. Lol. I did dress up as Catwoman!

  28. Didn’t do anything for Halloween really. Carved a pumpkin, ate a boatload of candy, watched a movie, lol. fun night, but nothign special. thanks for the chance!

  29. My husband and I stayed home and watched scary movies. We currently live on a quiet street that doesn’t get any trick-or-treaters, which is kinda nice.

  30. I was unfortunately on crutches and fresh out of surgery, so we left a bowl out full of candy, surprisingly there was still candy left.

  31. My Husband and I Passed out candy at our churches Fall Festival. We had a lot of fun decorating our trunk and seeing all the children dressed up in there costumes.

  32. We dressed up and took the kids trick or treating. We turned the lights off because we were not home. We had a nice dinner later.

  33. I have a 19-month-old & a 3-month-old & they just don’t quite “get it” yet, so we stayed home to hand out candy. We did all get dressed up, though (cutest zebra & bumblebee evvveeerrrrr) for pictures & to greet trick or treaters. We love Halloween, so we hope our girls are into it when they’re older, too!

  34. We didn’t have any plans for Halloween. I did hand out candy, but we didn’t have very many kids as the weather was ugly.

  35. We didn’t dress up, and we didn’t pass out any candy. No tricker treaters at our house. We live in a rural area so not much activity for Halloween.

  36. I took my children trunk or treating at the church. We don’t pass out candy at home because we live so far out in the country that no one stops by.

  37. For Halloween I took my son to the nursing home and assisted living homes in our town for their trick-or-treating events. The nurses and families bought candy and snacks for them to pass out and there was some pumpkin voting contests and ring toss, etc. I didn’t dress up, but my son was Darth Vader.

  38. My Halloween plans were that I answered the door, and gave out candy to the kids trick or treating. It was so fun to see their costumes and excitement of their goodies!.

  39. We just moved to a mountain town of 6,000 people. Halloween is a town wide celebration where everyone goes to the heart of the town for all trick or treats with the who family.

  40. I had my teal pumpkin outside, lights on, candy bowls ready and had 1 kid show up. Guess who got the goodies, not me :)

  41. My apartment building has activities and candies for the kids in the lobby. Last year, I gave the candies I won to them and to friends as I couldn’t possibly eat it all or I’d be in trouble.

  42. We had dinner with a friend, and then I took my little lady trick or treating around her neighborhood. My husband had to work, so it was a fun girls’ night. She’s eight and was a mime!

  43. OMG, stayed home & do nothing. Can’t afford to go out. Wow, prize mia is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. :) Pick me,

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