Fall Favorites TAG

I’m hopping on Jaclyn Hill’s Fall Favorites TAG bandwagon! Let’s just jump right into it.

Favorite Candle

It’s a tie!

Beauty Skeptic Fall Favorites TAG - Favorite Candle - Yankee Candle Macintosh

I love Yankee Macintosh, which is just a pure unadulterated apple candle. I love it year round, who am I kidding.

Beauty Skeptic Fall Favorites TAG - Favorite Candle - Yankee Candle Sun Bright

Then, this is a recent discovery but it is so good for Autumn; it’s one of the Pure Radiance crackling wooden-wicked candles from Yankee called Sun Bright. It is subtle and warm.

For those of you looking for candles but have scent-sensitive members of your household, neither of these give my fragrance-headache-prone husband any trouble.

Favorite Lipcolor


Easy – MAC Creme in Your Coffee. I’m sure I’d dig more, but I don’t have a crazy lipcolor stash.

Last year’s Touch of Spice and Divine Wine from Maybelline are lovely, but I have trouble wearing mattes well.

Favorite Drink

Beauty Skeptic Fall Favorites TAG - Favorite Drink

I really enjoy apple cider, but oddly I don’t actually drink very much of it. I’m particularly fond of these k-cups. They’re harder to find, now, for some reason. Add about a half tablespoon of sugar (they’re unsweetened), and win. For everyone curious about my Starbucks order, I will tell you it a) isn’t a damn PSL and b) I get the same thing year-round: Vanilla Bean Frappe with Peppermint. 1 shot for Tall and Grande, 2 in a Venti.

Favorite Blush


Now hiring! No, seriously, I need an Autumn blush. I thought I found one. I didn’t. Help!

Favorite Clothing Item

My hoodie! I’m sure if I had some ridiculous oversized scarf I’d love the shit out of that, though. Capitol Hill Style shared one from ASOS recently that is killing me (third from the top in the post). It’s plaid. OOH. Wait. Do accessories count?

Beauty Skeptic Fall Favorites TAG - Favorite Accessory - Fossil ES3494

This watch, the Fossil ES3494. It is beautiful. I found it on super sale and treated myself. It’s a classy timepiece that is lovelier in real life and is free of obnoxious adornments.

Favorite Fall Movie

I don’t really think of movies in a seasonal context, sooo…

Favorite Fall TV Show

It used to be The Walking Dead before it got all weird. I’m not much of a TV-watcher, I’m about that Netflix-binge life, so I don’t really have any idea when stuff actually airs. In fact, I just canceled my conventional cable subscription because I just don’t watch television much.


I can tell you that season 3 of Hemlock Grove is going to be available on Netflix soon, and I plan on watching that. I wouldn’t call it my favorite, but I have enjoyed the first two seasons; it’s the kind of thing you turn your brain off to enjoy.

Favorite Thanksgiving Food

DEAR GOD CANDIED SWEET POTATOES. Extra points for caramel. I can’t even, but some how every year I do. I’ll eat a whole damn pan. For America. For love and justice. For my stomach.

Beauty Skeptic Fall Favorites TAG - Favorite Thanksgiving Food - Candied Yams

I enjoy the vast majority of Thanksgiving fare (except cranberry shenanigans), but candied yams the most.

Favorite Halloween Costume

I meeean, I don’t really dress up for Halloween. When I was wee, I was Cinderella multiple years in a row. If I had the time and bothers to invest, I’d probably cosplay something awesome. But since have neither, I haven’t spent much time contemplating it in earnest.