Cuticle Oil

In retrospect, this seems really obvious. Maybe it already occurred to you, but it only occurred to me last Tuesday evening.

I was removing the remnants of my last DIY pedicure (China Glaze I’m With the Lifeguard; a delightfully obnoxious shimmery lime green). I didn’t do a full pedicure with callus removal, but I did file the nails into a more respectable shape and length, gently bullied the cuticles back to where they ought to be, and cleaned up the errant bits of the eponychium.

Normally, at this point, I’d throw an AHA lotion on them (like Alpha Hydrox’s 10% lotion), some cotton socks, and go to bed.

This time, I skipped the lotion because (lazy moment) it wasn’t in arm’s reach. Instead, I slapped some of my Josie Maran Argan Oil Light on them, massaged it in, and went about my evening.

Once it absorbed and wasn’t shiny, my nails looked great! Even though I’ve been lax about keeping my nails coated lately, toes are always painted. Period. They actually looked decent and tidy bare. I’ve done this every other day since, and I’m impressed by what a difference it has made. I’ll still paint them when I have time to breathe (probably this weekend), but it isn’t as urgent for me now as it was. My skin looks better, my cuticles feel better, my nails look better. I’m kind of facepalming for not thinking of it sooner; they’re just nails, the care isn’t rocket science.

Also, I’m not convinced in this case that Argan would be superior to any other skincare oil; any cuticle or facial oil you might already have would do fine. Avocado or almond would be good, too. That said, I’d probably skip olive.