Wet Brush Giveaway

We’re twelve days away from the official start of Autumn but people have been acting like it arrived two weeks ago. Anyone who is in college or school is back to that, families with children are establishing new routines, and those of us who fall outside of those groups are grumbling about being stuck behind buses during our commutes.

After writing my Wet Brush review, I of course told my mom that she needed it. I have a much-much younger sibling who could stand to be more diligent about keeping her hair tidy; our poor mom has had to hound her. Since getting the Wet Brush, though, what was once a dreaded chore is now a non-issue.

Wet Brush Giveaway

So because I absolutely recall being a stubborn jerk while getting ready on school mornings (because detangling can suck), I’m hosting a giveaway for what I consider the best hairbrush to exist. The Wet Brush makes quick work of snarls without discomfort in both wet and dry hair.

You can enter the Wet Brush Giveaway below in the Gleam.io widget. In the comments, let me know if you’re a wash-and-wear type, or if you take the effort to style your hair daily?


The Wet Brush

17 thoughts on “Wet Brush Giveaway

  1. I’m so bad with hair so if I style it, it’s something simple like straightening and bobby pinning the front. So usually wash and wear.

  2. I’m a wash-and-wear person. I’ve been known to go out with wet/damp hair in all weathers, as long as my fringe is dry and set, I’m out the door.

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