LORAC Pocket PRO 2 Palette Giveaway

I’m slightly in denial that summer is ending soon, especially since I have completely failed to do basically any summer activities. That seems to be the consensus in my friend group, too. What about you? Some of you may even be going back to school here very shortly and … well, blargh.

So I decided it was time for a giveaway to cheer us all up!

LORAC Pocket PRO 2 Palette Giveaway
LORAC Pocket PRO 2 Palette Giveaway

LORAC has released a wee Pocket PRO 2! Much like the original Pocket PRO, this tiny, $15 palette features three shades from its larger counterpart. In this case, it has Buff (a light, warm beige-ish shade, it actually does look pretty close to #F0DC82 – which is the hexadecimal for Buff), Rosé (a shimmery rose-gold), and Black (matte black).

Details on how to enter are in the gleam.io widget, below!

LORAC Pocket PRO 2 Giveaway

28 thoughts on “LORAC Pocket PRO 2 Palette Giveaway

  1. I wasn’t able to see the question, so I’m just going to copy the person above me and do my go to summer look.
    This summer I did a lot of gold and copper eyes. Mary Lou Manizer was on my cheeks a lot to.

  2. For summer, I really love bronzed/golden eyes with dewey looking skin. I also like to add some color and think turquoise liner on the bottom water line is fun and summery also!

  3. I don’t really change much, but I’ll usually use a slightly darker shade to compensate for tanning and switch to a silicone based primer to reduce my face melting off :-)

  4. My go to look is winged eyeliner , because hilighter on my cheeks and a bit of bronzer . I don’t usually wear lipstick but when I do I love Kay Von d in Lolita 💞

  5. My go-to look is Bourjois 1 seconde mascara, a champagne cream eyeshadow and a green eyeliner with any neutral blush that I find. If I want to go a bit over the top, I’ll add a bit of yellow eyeshadow on the mobile lid, I love the yellow and green together.

  6. Matte foundation, and this summer I felt in love with the New Maybelline Fit Me Matte foundation which worked great for my oily complexion. And I love to add more highlight to my face using a baked blush !
    Thanks for the chance !

  7. I don’t have a go-to look. After I started collecting makeup, I find I have to rotate a lot to use it all up! I guess I always wear my brows, mascara, and a dewy base though.

  8. Bronzer and highlight, a lot of them tbh, nude and neutral eyeshadow, long lashes, nude lipstick so i look more tan

  9. My go to summer look is light foundation over a moisturizer with SP.I love blush and eye shadow ,eye liners,and mascara.Would love to try the Lorac palette of beautiful colors!

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