PSA: Silk’n Flash n Go Long-Life Lamp Sale

Edit: Finding out the hard way, I learned that the lamp BB&B sells IS NOT compatible with the Flash n Go Freedom device sold at Sephora and Nordstrom. They are the only retailers to sell the compatible long life lamp.


Hey there – popping in with some good sale info I just discovered.

So I’m still using my Silk’n Flash & Go Freedom HPL hair removal device. The stock unit comes with a lamp with a short lifespan – you know how when you buy a new printer, the ink or toner it comes with is lower capacity than the refills you buy (if you didn’t know that… now you do!)? They offer a, “long life,” lamp for $99.

Silk'n Flash n Go Long-Life Lamp SaleSilk’n Flash & Go Long-Life Lamp

When I bought my Flash & Go Freedom, I considered buying a lamp at the same time. Because I wasn’t sure if/how much I was going to like the system, I opted not to make the additional investment until I had used it for a bit.

Progress is taking place slowly but surely, so when I saw that Bed Bath and Beyond had the lamp for $79, I had to jump on it. The sale plus the ubiquitous 20% off-an-item coupon(s) + free shipping on $49+ made it only $63. Throw in eBates for a little extra savings and I will have gotten about 40% off the 120,000 pulse long-life lamp.

Just a heads-up, it was a sale I appreciated and wanted to share.